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Right now…

I would rather knit than to study for an exam that doesn’t make much sense. =.=”


Damn tired too, since I only got home about an hour ago.

*sigh* Screw this shit la.

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Random pre-birthday post

Another year older. I can’t believe I’m already 25(!!!). Not till tomoro, at least.

I think as you get older, birthday celebrations mean less.

As you get older, birthday presents become less. Your circle of friends, too, will dwindle.

My birthdays now are usually laid back dinners with a few selected people. No big hoo ha like last time. I wonder when we hit the age of 50, would we be gathering around the round table exchanging stories (like we see most often in Chinese restaurants). Lol.

Scary thought.

I know I’m not making much sense in this post. Just felt like being incoherent and random.

Gonna have my birthday dinner tonight with a couple of people (by a couple, I mean 8). Nothing exciting. Just wanna enjoy each others company and play some Munchkins after that. =.=! I’m becoming such a geek.

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Goodbye, McQueen

Something caught my eye as I surfed the net this morning. I thought it was some sick joke, but it wasn’t.

Alexander McQueen is dead. 🙁

I’m devastated. May he rest in peace.

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An early Goodbye

I remember that year 2007 was a pretty emotional year for me. It was the year where I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just dive straight into the deep end of this thing called Life.

I did a lot of things too. I had a dream, but sadly that dream did not materialize. It was just wishful thinking.

I discovered some terrible news, and it made me afraid.

I loved, I laughed, I cried.

Yes, I would say that 2007 wasn’t very kind to me. It’s like the saying where you only remember the bad and rarely the good.

But lately, I feel like my life has definitely turned for the better. I feel much happier than I did then. I’m more easy going (at least I would like to think I am) and more optimistic. I don’t worry as much as I used to. Life has definitely been better.

A new year is approaching and it’s time to leave the past. In the year 2009, I was incredibly busy (still am!) and that’s a good thing I suppose. I’ve learn to appreciate certain things more and not let anything get me down. Sure, there were a few tears in the process as well as angry words, but nothing was meant and all is forgotten. I’ve also learned that I should strive to make this work, no matter how hard it is. My gamble is slowly paying off, though I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a time where I felt like giving up.

I just felt that it was the right time to write this post to commemorate the ending of 2009. 🙂 Plus, I’m leaving for China in…*counts* 6 days!

aremo randoms


Ugh. I feel like crap right now.

Didn’t feel well this morning, so I skipped class. My head was throbbing and my lips dry. Tried to sleep in but I couldn’t cos I needed to pee. -.-” And once I woke up, I was up.

Think maybe I’m dehydrated. 🙁 Been drinking shitloads of “teh o ais” (iced tea with sugar) these past few days especially during breakfast and lunch at college. =.=” So now I’m drinking 100 plus to rehydrate myself. I think I probably had half the bottle already, and I’ve gone to pee at least a dozen times today. >.<

But yet, I feel so incredibly bloated. Ugh… I feel like puking too. I feel like crawling into bed and hide in the layers of blanket right now but I can’t. It’s dinner time.

aremo Life

What happened to me?

I was wondering in the shower, whatever happened to the old me?

The one who used to chat with everyone. The one who couldn’t sit still for a moment, constantly itching to get out of the house to meet up with friends. The one who could spend hours on the phone talking about nothing.