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dum dum dum…

Can’t wait for a getaway.

Need to de-stress from all the thinking.

I wanna sew something for Yuu, but what?

Still saving for Kyou’s body.

Did I mention that I’ve officially given them the names Hijikata Yuu & Hijikata Kyou? :3

I want so many things in life (though not necessarily materialistic things)

Incoherent thoughts. Sometimes I think I should write a haiku. =.=”

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Na na na…

Well, hey… an update. XD

Got tons to post about, but no time to do it. Classes have already started and I still haven’t thought about what I wanna do. The home is also undergoing some construction work and things are all over the place. =.=” My little boy is turning out to be a vain little thing. Lol.

Yunnan was great. Everything is so different compared to going to Shanghai and Beijing, plus there’s some interesting sights, if you like nature. 🙂 But I think maybe I left a part of me in Lijang. I kinda miss it there. If you MUST go to Yunnan, just visit Lijang.

I didn’t take that many pictures just cos it was raining and I was lazy to whip out the camera. :S Maybe I was overwhelmed by all the sights that I just don’t know what to take pictures of. 😛

Anyway, gotta do some work before I get backlogged. :S *feels so lazy* All the drilling isn’t helping much either. :S I shall leave you with a picture of Yuu. 😀

ari geek randoms

He’s coming home!

Checked my email this morning and discovered that my boy’s shipped! Yay!

He’ll probably arrive when I’m already gone, but it’s okay. Just as long as he arrives without a hitch. 🙂

Still packing my bags. Gotta bring an umbrella along for the trip cos I heard it’s gonna be wet. 🙁

Can’t wait! One more day~

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It’s almost the end of business day 25 (normal calender day 31) and I’m still waiting on my dollie. 🙁

Been procrastinating, but I will attempt to finish my work before going on my holiday. (Yay! Skip out on 1st week of college) Gotta prolly drop by college sometime next week to help someone alter a pair of jeans. My machine can’t bear the weight (cos it’s not industrial, damnit!)

So yea… dollie. I’m really really hoping he’ll arrive at leasssttt by the 15th. But if I don’t get any updates by the end of next week, I’m gonna have to ask them to hold on to it till the middle of my trip (then it will arrive just as I’m coming home. Yay!) I did also think about asking them to send it directly to me in China, but meh, I’ll be moving around alot, and I don’t have an exact address of the hotel. :S


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Kyou’s faceup v.2

Dolly under the cut.

ari geek diy

Kyou’s faceup v.1

The following post is about my doll. I tend to refer to him as a living thing, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, you’re more than welcome to leave. 🙂

More after the jump.

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Today is day…6 of my dolly wait. Made my order on June 1st, but the payment was only confirmed on the 2nd. =.=”

I hate the whole waiting game. 🙁 Luckily today I wasn’t as obsessive as the first few days. Barely checked my email and the only thing I had to refresh most of the time was the website cos I had to ask them something regarding my order. I saw that they had the black wig in stock and I would rather get that as my temporary wig rather than the blond one. ( I somehow wasn’t feeling it. :S)

Gotta rush the remaining “balance” of my assignments before Friday. After my last assessment on Saturday, I’m FREE! For a while at least. Will get cracking on the drafting homework. T_T At least that’s a little simpler.

The S.O’s parents are thinking of another trip in August. I so wanna go, but I’ll be in the middle of classes then. 🙁 Also, I’ll be interning soon too. I’m afraid. XD *sigh*

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Rise & Fall

Ugh. Am incredibly annoyed at the moment.

LUTS (doll company) threw me off completely by upping their prices. >___< How was I to know that when they say that the currency exchange between Korean Won and US Dollars was different that they’re gonna hike up their prices. T_T

Everything is currently up by 20USD! *mumbles*

On a different note, tomoro is D-DAY! I’ve finally decided on purchasing the body to get the free event head. No Kid Delf Bory. *is sad* But there’s always next time. 🙂 Some other stuff I’m getting also includes a wig, spare hands (clenched fists), a face mask to protect whatever makeup that’s done, head cap to protect the head from the wig, extra strings and also some of Jin’s stuff which she’s tumpang-ing.

I know I haven’t even gotten my boy yet but I’m also eye-ing another little fella to be part of my “doll family”. He’s a LittleFee Bisou, not too happy with the price though. That thing costs more than BORY! But it is the most adorable thing EVA! *rawR* They’re reportedly the best posers. XD Love his lips, so kissable. XD

Isn't he cute?

Another one which I’m also interested in is an anthro doll. It has a head of a fox but the body of a human. Incredibly cute too. XD I guess the reason why these appeal to me much is cos if its size. It’s small and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around. But their prices are much left to be desired. :S

I know most people would think it’s silly to spend so much on dolls. I can argue the same about other things like cameras, action figures, collectibles, cars? Granted that some has a purpose, IF you know what you’re doing. I know I can take a nice holiday somewhere with that money spent on the dolls, but it’s my choice. 😛

Anyway, one step at a time. If I order him tomoro, he’ll probably arrive sometime in the middle of June, which is perfect for me. I will be home all day, waiting for his arrival. LoL. 15 hours to go before the order window opens. 😀

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I only had one comment on who would like to see moar Bjds here on this blog. 🙁 *is sad*

Nevermind, as long as there’s a willing person. Wahahaha.

So last night I finished the mini hat for Haku. He looks happy, or is it a smirk?

Haku smirking

3/4 profile

So, what do you think? 😀

ari geek diy randoms

I’m expecting…!

the stomping of little feet next month! XD

I’ve finally decided to bring the little boy home and am gonna order him next week (on the 1st of June!!!) Wahahaha. So excited. I can’t sit still!

I can’t wait for June to arrive. But yet, I also dread it cos of all the assessments/assignments/exams. X( But I do hope that when it’ll all over, I don’t have to think about work and enjoy my month long break. 🙂

I actually have another blog specifically for my doll hobby, but I don’t know if I should post it here as well. :S We’ll let the comments decide it. 😀 (if there’s any) Since I know some people might be a tad uncomfortable with these dolls. 😛