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Date day and a whole lot of updates

I’m back to blogging again (for a while, at least).

A while back, the S.O won tickets to watch Kick Ass and it was good! So, catch it if you can but I recommend you don’t bring your kids even though its a “superhero type” movie. I know there were a few people who were shocked at the amount of swearing coming out of an 11 year old’s mouth (not to mention she wields knives and other weapons), but I thought that was what made the movie different from all the rest. So yea, *two thumbs up*

4 days ago, the S.O and I discovered something really wrong with our dog, Ginger, the labrador. She’s been having this on going ear infection which kinda makes her stink like crazy. The S.O tried to clean out her ear but discovered something gross. She not only had an ear infection, but also worms (or so we thought then) in them!!! We panicked and wanted to take her to the vet but were unsure if they were still open (it was about 6pm when we found out).

So the S.O had to take her to the vet the day after while I was in college. All’s well now though. The vet had to anesthetize her to remove the fly larvae. When I got home, Ginger was still a little bit disoriented and she had to wear “the cone” which prevents her from scratching the wound. She would come greet me with her usual gusto, but because of the cone, it made it a little hard for her to judge the distance therefore instead of stopping short, she would barge right into me. >.< She’s better now. She’s able to climb and descend the stairs, but we’re not sure if she’s gotten the hang of eating with the cone. :S

Anyway, today the S.O and I went to KLCC for a “date”. Hahaha. We went over to the Kinokuniya bookstore to check if they had this book I wanted. Sadly, they didn’t. So we headed over to the food court for lunch, wanting to eat Korean Fried Rice. But the stall is no longer there! Bummer. In the end, we had lunch at Chinoz @ the Park.

The S.O and I enjoyed lunch very much. He had the Chinoz Burger while I had the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie. For RM 29, I say it’s pretty reasonable and the food was great. 😀 I’m still feeling sleepy from such a heavy meal. But our trip to Kinokuniya wasn’t wasted. He got a book he’s been wanting to get and I got a fashion magazine. But we still wanted to try Borders at the Curve to see if they had the book I wanted in stock. Luck was on my side as they did have a copy. 😀 I’m gonna be using that book to work on something for my graduation collection soon. 😀

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Knitting up a storm

Okay. Knitting is ADDICTIVE!

I can’t seem to stop knitting, which is a good thing I suppose, because then I’m able to finish of my class assignment. Yay!

Contrary to popular belief that knitting is for the oldies, I’ve seen men (even young boys) knitting. It’s a weird sight, but still. It’s not limited to just one age or gender category. Besides, I find that knitting can sometimes be relaxing and it gives your idle hands something to do. Especially during times which you have to wait ( traffic jam = wait, queuing = wait, waiting for mom/dad/sibling/bf/gf = wait again). Get the picture?

Anyway, I’ve got my new baby! Yes! No more reciting Blackberry mantras! Downside, I don’t have the Blackberry plan. So I can’t do stuff like BBM (Blackberry messenger), check emails, surf the net… 🙁 Wait, maybe I can still surf the net, with the home wifi. =.=” Defeats the purpose of actually getting the BB, but oh well, one step forward, two steps back.

BUT, I am very happy. It’s my birthday present from the S.O and my brother. And I can always get the plan later, when I start my internship cos I foresee a lot of messaging and checking of emails, and making calls. Then, the plan would come in handy. The S.O thinks that getting the plan for me at the moment kinda makes no sense since I’m on RM 30 prepaid, and I barely use it all. Maybe I should start making more calls? 😛

It’s the Blackberry 9700 aka BB Bold II. I’m not using it at the moment because I want to get a screen protector first, and a nice looking cover to protect the phone. This is my most expensive phone to date so of course I would wanna “jaga” it a little. Plus, the S.O wants me to read the manual before actually using it. :S

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Blue and yellow, hello!

Been busy.

Holiday’s over.

Tons of illustrations to finish up.

Going mad.

Made a dress for my class project. It’s blue and yellow satin with fuchsia lining! Talk about striking.

Need to learn how to knit for the 2nd half of my textile class. My knitting book doesn’t really help. 🙁

Am getting commission for work. 🙂 It’s good and bad, I guess. Good – spreading by word of mouth. Bad – No time, since I AM currently attempting to juggle my studies and earning some money.

Will FINALLY be getting what I’ve always wanted. *Super happy* Early birthday gift from the S.O. <3

Close to being another year older and maybe another year wiser? Close to graduating. WANT to study abroad to widen my horizon. Hope to get some sorta scholarship.

Will now leave you with a picture of said dress. One lecturer said it wasn’t very nice because of the fabric used. I think it looks nice. Hmph. He thinks using satin makes everything look cheap. But I say it depends.

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Edward Scissorhands

Good day my pretties.

I know I haven’t exactly been a good blogger, but what can I do when I was up till my eyeballs in work. =.=”

Anyway, it’s FINALLY OVER! 3 whole months (okay la, only 1 month) of preparation and going insane (from sewing) finally boiled down to one night – and sadly, it was a night I couldn’t remember. Maybe it was because of all the exhaustion that I couldn’t really enjoy myself. I only had 3 hours of sleep prior to the fashion show. Some barely slept at all. o.O

May I present to you, my illustrations for the fashion show. My group was required to create 2 garments (avant garde & evening wear) where as the senior group did ready to wear.

Evening wear

Avant Garde

We also had to make our own heels to go with our garments. I love the shoe, but too bad it isn’t in my size. 🙁 The models average shoe sizes are 8 or 9. I’m only a 5. These are 5 inch heels with hidden platform.

5" heels

My classmate Nazwa, who is from Maldives, together with our two juniors Karyna & Vicky. Can’t remember if this was before or after judging – at the Green room.

For our show, we had the juniors help us backstage. Below is Aam and Nadiah. Aam was helping Nadiah as a dresser for the night.

We were bored. So we snapped pictures. This is Dayana. Sue Jean was sitting beside Dayana and she’s not in the picture cos she wasn’t feeling well. 🙁

Something funny happened that night. Nelly ( a classmate) and I had some sort of “connection” that somehow or rather, we ended up in the same shade of blue dress, a white belt and black gladiator heels. Thank goodness I didn’t have red hair and wasn’t wearing blue eyeshadow. LoL. Else, someone might have mistaken us as promoters or something. =.=”

My evening dress modeled by Dawn, together with my two assistants, Felicia and Kelvin. Incidentally, Kelvin is a year younger than I am, plus we both share the same surname too!

My avant garde dress modeled by Weena. She’s nice. 🙂

So yea. This is over and done with. Bring on the normal classes and homework. =.=! We’re already wayyyyyyy behind in class because of this project. I guess the next fashion show for me would be either my graduation work or maybe the Singapore Fashion Week. 😀

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Tongue in Chic


Went to Zouk, KL today to redeem my YOUREKA! goodies. This time they were giving away 2 passes to watch 2012. I was hoping to get the purple tag, but instead I got the blue tags. 🙁 Boo! The next one would be the green tags. 🙂 Gonna try out for that too.

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Unchained melody

Today’s been a productive day.

Got the materials to make my accessories, despite having gone to 3 stores. In the end, I found what I needed from a hardware store. 😀

Picture after the jump. 🙂