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I’m back!

So, I was away over the weekend for the Anime Festival Asia. It was… somewhat different from what I encountered 2 years ago during their first ever event.

Yes, there were more booths. They were practically selling the same items in most booths (nendoroids, cards, figurines) and very little model kits. Not that I was really interested anyway. I was more interested in finding items for my resin kids, like shoes! But meh, didn’t find any. There was a display of Dolfie Dream dolls which I thought was quite cool, but then again, I’m not really interested in them either. They’re way too anime-ish for my liking.

I was basically walking around aimlessly whilst the BF and the rest of the gang (the gang = my brother, duckie & hawk) went off looking for things of interest. The cosplay outfits for this year was pretty alright, although I did see a pretty mean cosplay of Hatsune Miku of Project Diva. 😀 I was too lazy to take any pictures while I was there, but I might grab some from the BF when he’s done uploading the pictures (which may take a while)

Also, I’m incredibly happy with the fact that I managed to snag a Drossel Von Flugel nendoroid! <3 I’ve been wanting one since I thought it was cute but couldn’t find them anyway except YesAsia, which was still alittle pricey after all the conversions & shipping. Another thing I’m absolutely happy with? DANBOARD! Yes! I can finally haz Danboard (from Yotsuba & !). Those things are incredibly hard to find. Okay, so technically the danboard doesn’t belong to me but the BF, but I get joint custody of it, right? 😛

Got to see Danny Choo in person. Watched his Cultured Japan video and it was hilarious (only the ninja bits.XD) Must go see Edo Wonderland if ever in Japan. 😀

The hotel we stayed at was great (Hangout @ Mt. Emily) but it’s not fun to walk up a hill especially when you’re dead tired. Walking down however isn’t too bad and it’s pretty near the Little India MRT station. Dhoby Ghaut MRT is near too, but do not attempt to walk unless you’re familiar with the place. I don’t know what we’d do without the Singapore map on Hawk’s iPad. The breakfast at the hotel is pretty decent too.

We were also constantly eating while we were there. The day we arrived, we had some rip-off Nando’s (which IMO, tasted weird), then decided to be adventurous in searching for the famous Spicy Chicken wings. We found the place, but it was really out there. =.=” We took a cab to the place, but had to walk out for about 20 mins to the nearest bus stop. Thank goodness the weather was good enough and the group was big (7 of us). Do not attempt this if you do not like to walk and/or is alone.

The next day we had breakkie at the hotel, headed down to Suntec for AFA then Tony Romas for lunch and later had Marche for dinner. Marche in Singapore is much better than the one in KL. It was constantly packed too. We were there at 6pm, and there was already a queue. But it moved fast so you don’t really have to worry.

On our 3rd day, we skipped breakfast cos we were tired from all that walking, checked out and then headed over to Vivocity again to have lunch at Carl’s Jr. since everyone was craving for bacon. Loitered around Vivocity for a bit before heading back to the hotel to grab out bags and then headed over to Novena Square to catch our bus back to KL. As usual, everything was a little rushed. I would actually like to stay a little longer if time (and money) had permitted me to.

I’m missing Singapore already. :S

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I am so happy! Besides the fact that I’m already on break, I might also be going to China again!

So the S.O’s parents are planning a trip to Yunan and asked if we’d like to go as well. Schedule’s a little off, but I figured it wouldn’t really hurt since I know I will be able to catch up with classes and I won’t be having another decent break for a looooooong time. December’s internship, yo~

So yea, China in July. ^_^ I know I’m suppose to blog about my previous China trip, but editing pictures are a pain (not to mention they’re all in the S.O’s computer) so yea, nothing really much to be said about that trip apart from the fact that it was crazzzyyyyyy hectic. o.O We’re planning to take the same tour company again (Reliance) but from what I’ve heard, it’s only to Yunan and Shangri-la County. Hmmm… but yea, it’s supposedly the height of summer, so it’s gonna be hot Hot HOT! (maybe not so since we’re travelling to the mountains)

Ugh… another thing I need to do is renew my passport. I’ve got less than 3 months left on it before it expires, and I can’t go anywhere cos you need at least 6 months on your passport anyway. >_< Maybe I should get started on my homework now so I don’t regret it later. XD

Anddd… tomoro I will be attending my first ever dollmeet, and Jin may not go. *cries* I won’t have a friend. 🙁 And it’ll be a little weird for me to go since I don’t have my boy yet. Kinda defeats the purpose, ne? I dunno. =.=”

Mmm.. I wanna go sew some small scaled skirts. Just for the heck of it.

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Werk, werk.


It’s incredibly hot today and I’ve got tons of work to finish up. >:( Ah, the never ending cycle.

Got up at 10.30am this morning with a bad neck. 🙁 Sometimes I feel like recording myself when I go to bed just to see how I sleep. The S.O and I went to 1 Utama for lunch and a haircut, for him at least. I wanna grow my hair out. 🙂 Had Paddington’s House of Pancakes. 😀 But I think the quality dropped a little. (for the 1 Utama branch. Don’t know about the one at the Curve, though)

The S.O’s latte was diluted and I think our portion shrunk a little. :O Nevertheless, we were full after lunch. While the S.O had a haircut, I did some shopping. XD Then we went over to Digital Mall to collect his mom’s new phone. :O After that, we came home and I started on homework. T_T

So far, I’m done with two (out of 3) of my pastel drawings. 🙂 Can’t be compared to the lecturer’s work, but I think I did pretty good. *proud* I still have tons of work to do, but I guess a short break won’t kill me. Am thinking of drafting my skirt and blouse tomoro at college since I have to go anyway. :S

Pictures of what I’ve been doing. My bed is my work space. But I do move around if I need space to do different things such as sewing, cutting of fabrics..etc.

Fashion Illustration 01
Fashion Illustration 02

I don’t even have time for Mr. Resin Head. 🙁 I feel bad that he’s lying inside the dark box, but at least he’s protected for now. I’ve been checking out some websites about BJDs, but it just made me realize that technically, Aki isn’t considered a BJD in some of these forums. 🙁 Can’t blame them though. And these sites actually gives some great pointers on how to save up for a doll although some doesn’t quite work here on this site of the hemisphere. 😛

But yes, I shall start on a “Save For MSD BORY Fund” and also probably another 2 funds for the two Crobi lengchais? (good looking boys) I really can’t decide which to get first. I LOVE the Crobi SD and MSD buttttttt, I somehow think that MSD BORY would be a little more realistic in terms of reaching the goal. X3 Omg, give me more paying jobs so I can afford my baby. 🙂

My other “baby” (the S.O) thinks I’m crazy to want to actually spend so much on this. 🙁 Ugh. I just checked the price for both the Crobi boys. The price difference between the two is just 50 USD. :S But still, the price is at least 570 USD (without stuff like wigs and clothes). *sigh* Gambare!

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Date day and a whole lot of updates

I’m back to blogging again (for a while, at least).

A while back, the S.O won tickets to watch Kick Ass and it was good! So, catch it if you can but I recommend you don’t bring your kids even though its a “superhero type” movie. I know there were a few people who were shocked at the amount of swearing coming out of an 11 year old’s mouth (not to mention she wields knives and other weapons), but I thought that was what made the movie different from all the rest. So yea, *two thumbs up*

4 days ago, the S.O and I discovered something really wrong with our dog, Ginger, the labrador. She’s been having this on going ear infection which kinda makes her stink like crazy. The S.O tried to clean out her ear but discovered something gross. She not only had an ear infection, but also worms (or so we thought then) in them!!! We panicked and wanted to take her to the vet but were unsure if they were still open (it was about 6pm when we found out).

So the S.O had to take her to the vet the day after while I was in college. All’s well now though. The vet had to anesthetize her to remove the fly larvae. When I got home, Ginger was still a little bit disoriented and she had to wear “the cone” which prevents her from scratching the wound. She would come greet me with her usual gusto, but because of the cone, it made it a little hard for her to judge the distance therefore instead of stopping short, she would barge right into me. >.< She’s better now. She’s able to climb and descend the stairs, but we’re not sure if she’s gotten the hang of eating with the cone. :S

Anyway, today the S.O and I went to KLCC for a “date”. Hahaha. We went over to the Kinokuniya bookstore to check if they had this book I wanted. Sadly, they didn’t. So we headed over to the food court for lunch, wanting to eat Korean Fried Rice. But the stall is no longer there! Bummer. In the end, we had lunch at Chinoz @ the Park.

The S.O and I enjoyed lunch very much. He had the Chinoz Burger while I had the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie. For RM 29, I say it’s pretty reasonable and the food was great. 😀 I’m still feeling sleepy from such a heavy meal. But our trip to Kinokuniya wasn’t wasted. He got a book he’s been wanting to get and I got a fashion magazine. But we still wanted to try Borders at the Curve to see if they had the book I wanted in stock. Luck was on my side as they did have a copy. 😀 I’m gonna be using that book to work on something for my graduation collection soon. 😀

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Sun Dei!

Okay, lame title, I know.

My morning was spent lying around in bed, trying to finish the latest Nicholas Sparks’ book titled The Last Song. I think this is probably one of my favourite book, besides A walk to Remember. And it’s now going to be turned into a movie starring Miley Cyrus. Hope the movie will be as good as the book. 🙂

Then later on, the S.O and I headed over to 1 Utama for lunch at Dave’s Deli. I’ve been craving for lasagna for the longest time. We wanted to catch a movie, but tickets were selling fast and the next show was at 5 something. We didn’t want to wait that long. :S So we headed home and decided to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife.

So yes, I’ve finally seen it. Honestly, I think they did a great job with the movie even though there were some missing parts here and there. The movie made it less complicated ( the whole time travelling thing can get a little confusing sometimes) and although some scenes were changed a little, I don’t think it really mattered because it was still understood.

The book was sad, the movie was sad and now I’m gonna watch another sad movie called Hachiko. It’s the story of an extremely loyal dog who would wait for its master to come home, even after his masters’ death. Today is a day to cuddle with your loved ones and shed a few tears over a sad movie. Even the sky is crying at the moment, heavily I might add. :S

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Zee Avi Live

The S.O and I had a great time at the Zee Avi concert last night despite the long wait. My only irk was the fact that we had to pay RM 15 for parking as well as RM 6 for a 1.5 liter bottle of 100 plus. Talk about being ripped off. >:( Anyway, I’m pretty happy that I got to catch her live. She’s pretty tiny too. :O I liked the fact that she sounded the same live as she would have in her CDs. Not many artiste can pull that off.

Funny, how I discovered Zee Avi. My friend Dara (who lives in Alaska) told me to check out this singer on YouTube, and so I did. I was surprised that she (Zee Avi) was actually Malaysian and it took my American friend to tell me about her. =.=” But yea, I found her interesting, scanned YouTube for more of her songs and the rest my friends, is history.

All in all, Zee Avi gave a great performance together with her drummer, Reed and cellist, Frank. No pictures though, cos it was mentioned that no cameras were allowed into the hall, so I left mine in the car. And as usual, there are people who still brought them in and was happily taking pictures.  🙁

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Weekend Madness

Last weekend was an incredibly busy one.

Headed down to Malacca for a day trip on Saturday. Didn’t do much but visited Mahkota Parade and the Pahlawan square place. It was like a mini Sg. Wang there. :S The S.O wasn’t too happy that they “destroyed” a historical landmark by elevating it and building a shopping/food place under it. I don’t quite remember that particular spot cos the last time I went to Malacca was almost 13 years back. o.O

Walked around Jonker street in the afternoon sun. Nothing much to buy. Wanted to have chicken rice balls, but couldn’t cos we were full from lunch and the shop was closed by the time we were prepared to “tapau” and leave. 🙁 But we did have yummeh ice kacang and cendol. Perhaps they should mix the mango bits with the cendol rather than having it on the ice kacang? XD

Sunday was spent attending Lilian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza at KLCC (the convention center). Incidentally, the Star Education Fair was also happening. Tons of people during lunch but we managed to snag a spot at Kenny Rogers before it got packed. Got hit by broken glass, luckily I was wearing stockings, so no injuries.

Today is the first day of the new semester. *monotonous* weeeeeee~

Got a nice pressie from Jakarta. 😀 Love the new necklace. Am not prepared for the new semester. I feel like I’m gasping for air. Maybe as time progresses, I’ll get into the groove of things again. Busy Busy! We finally got our own room albeit small. Got chased out of the bigger fashion room to make way for the new intake.


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Winter tips

I realized that a lot of people are looking at my winter wear post.

Well, while I was in China, I barely used some of the stuff I bought. =.=” And instead got more stuff while I was there.

I didn’t use the beanie and gloves which I bought from the winter wear store. Reason being, I had something else which protected my head and hands. Plus, I found the gloves incredibly bulky and I could hardly do anything with it on.

I would suggest that if you’re planning to travel to some place cold. Get thermal wear. It definitely helps a whole lot. And it’s best to get at least 2 pairs, unless you wanna wear the very same pair for the whole duration of your trip (and that could get icky). The problem with going to a country which is experiencing winter atm is not being able to buy ANY summer wear (or anything close to being summer wear. T_T) I was so looking forward to shopping for clothes too. 🙁

BUT! They do have REALLY cheap winter wears and it’s EVERYWHERE. So instead of getting your winter jacket (for RM 300++) here, you could try to get it elsewhere (unless the country you’re going to has a really high exchange rate). I’m only speaking for my experience in China during winter.

Plus, I didn’t really have to wear my bulky winter jacket most times cos it wasn’t really cold. It does get cold when it’s windy, but unless you don’t cover your important bits (ears, hands and neck) it shouldn’t be a problem just wearing something that has an inlay/lining of fleece. Oh! and get something that’s a little longer which covers your butt, just so you do get a cold ass. 😛

As for the gloves, just get a pair of leather gloves and make sure the wrist part is closed up and you’ll be fine. I bought a pair of faux leather ones from a shop in Shanghai for RM 40. Should have just got them here instead cos the quality is crap. :S Unless you’re gonna experience snow, then maybe the bulky one would be a better option. But I saw no snow. 🙁

They’re experiencing snow now. 🙁 Boo.

Get a nice thick scarf to cover your neck as well as covered shoes. I noticed that most people there were wearing Ugg boots (or some equivalent) and those looked really comfy. So yea, some tips for those traveling at the start of winter. 🙂

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Gone for the week

I’m leaving for the airport in 4 hours.

Hope I don’t forget anything important.

Feeling a little bit nervous (and hungry!)

Am probably gonna be internet-less for a whole week, and even if I did have internet, I might just be too tired to actually do anything.

Hope it isn’t going to be too cold. Last checked, Shanghai’s highest was 3 degrees Celsius. o.O And Beijing is gonna get even colder over the weekend (around minus?)

Got my money, hoping there are a lot of interesting finds.

So goodbye internet. Don’t miss me while I’m gone.

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My bags aren’t pack but I’m ready to go

I’m leaving for China in less than 3 days and I still don’t know what or HOW to pack.

I want to bring the least amount of stuff so I can buy more! But, it’s winter, and keeping warm is essential. =.=” Some of my friends have mentioned that I don’t need to bring that many clothes and that all I need to do is just wear em again and again.

*disgusted face* Okay, maybe it isn’t so bad since it’s cold and you’d hardly sweat anyway (unless cold sweat counts?). So I MIGHT take up that option. Haha. I’m still contemplating if I should see the doctor before I leave cos my cough is so persistent. I’ve also got a blocked nose, and this morning I had BOTH my eyes sealed shut from eye gunk. >.<!

It also hurts to cough because I lack exercise. =.=” Ever since coming back from Skytrex on Friday, my body’s been aching, especially my tummy. I miss high school, at least I was fitter then.

Back to my holiday packing dilemma. I am BAD at packing. In fact, I hate the whole packing/unpacking deal. I tend to over pack (with the excuse of “I might need it later”) and end up with no space for my other buys. T_T