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I need to think of things to update. I think my brain has probably turned into goo. =.=” Gotta sleep in the “guest room” surrounded by tons of stuff cos they’re still doing up our room. Our toilet is none existent right now cos they’ve removed all the tiles, “throne” and shower. It’s also incredibly dusty… but at least the drilling has stopped. (or maybe it’s cos I’m away at college)

Still am pretty busy, with college work and work placement and all. I’ve finally submitted my internship form. I dunno if I made the right choices though. *scared* I really wouldn’t mind going to Singapore to intern, but it’s the whole cost of living and such. If I didn’t have to worry about that, well, I wouldn’t mind interning anywhere. *sigh* Anyone in SG willing to put me up for 3 months? XD



I heard the postman earlier and rushed downstairs to get the mail (since he honked his horn, I assumed it was a large package) but was only handed a bunch or regular mails (and one which I had to sign for. :S)

Amongst them was a mail from my college. Shit! I thought to myself, praying that it wasn’t what it seems to be.

Tore it open, and there it was, staring me right in the face, my college fees. =.=” How glorious.

RM 9380…300 for Graduation fees. O.O! What? Graduation fees? It’s only my 5th semester!

And another kicker, got my results from semester 3 & 4 too. I didn’t do too shabby, BUT! it’s stated that I never sat for my Pengajian Malaysia exam. WTF? I have no marks for it, how is that possible?!

So seriously screwed up. :S Because of that, my semester 3 GPA scores were low. >:( Gonna have to go complain about this. Grrrr….

aremo rants

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aremo randoms rants

Right now…

I would rather knit than to study for an exam that doesn’t make much sense. =.=”


Damn tired too, since I only got home about an hour ago.

*sigh* Screw this shit la.


Rant # 3655

I cannot stand it when people attempt to act cute.


Your head looks big and your whole face looks photoshopped. >:(

No time for proper update. Took pictures, but got lazy to actually upload them. Just wanted to rant a little.



I’ve been neglecting my blog, I know. πŸ™

It’s just cos I’ve been busy with my assignments and sewing my dress(es), that I’ve got no time or the energy to blog. Sad, I know. Even when I do have free time, it’s either to catch up on sleep or to finish whatever work I have before the next one piles on.

Not to mention there’s this big drama going on. Seriously, some people should just admit their lapse in judgment and not put the blame on everyone else. It’s because of this, there’s tension in the air and it’s so not funny. I just want to live a quiet peaceful life. I mean, sure, drama can be good, but in moderate. >.<

Major misunderstandings, finger pointing and table turning. *sigh* This stupid thing is also causing me to emo up a little. Makes me wanna scream, “Shithead! You’re not getting it!” But I can’t, and I won’t. Just because I don’t want to start an unnecessary war. Unless boundaries are crossed, then hell yea.

So yea, it’s been a shitty week, apart from the day where I got to meet a FB friend. I know, you might think I’m absolutely batshit for meeting up with a completeΒ  stranger, but we’ve chat online, talked on Skype and he didn’t seem like a psychopath. XD Plus, he was in town anyway. Funny thing, we went shopping. LoL. And after that the S.O and I brought him out for chili crabs. Yum. It was a short meet though I’m glad I did it.


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Beauty randoms rants

Of sickness and health

You know what? I truly do believe that I’ve jinx myself.

It all started when I said I haven’t fallen sick while I was in China. Ta-da! The very next day I started to have the sniffles. A very nice aunty who was on the tour with us mentioned that I might have caught a hay fever.

Right. Hay fever. On the 2nd last day of the tour. Right after I casually mentioned that I didn’t fall sick. >.<!

OMG! Why did I jinx myself?

It’s been a week since I got back, and a week since I’ve been nursing my horrendous cough, flu and unsightly mucus. I’ve been to the doctor and got drugged up on a cocktail of cough mixture, flu meds as well as antibiotics and something for the phlegm. I’m coughing a little less now but my nose is still as blocked as ever.

My throat still hurts a little and I’m out of everything but the cough mixture. >.< Don’t know if I should return to the doctor to re-check my condition. πŸ™ I want to be able to taste again!

Note to self: Don’t ever open your big mouth. =.=”

On another note, I’ve started my “beauty” regime again. I would religiously put on a mask every night after showering, but recently I’ve gotten lazy. So I’m thinking of making it a habit again. Think it would do my skin some good since China’s weather was incredibly drying. I started peeling on the 3rd day, and everything went downhill from then.

I liked the weather there, but I just wished that winter wasn’t so dry. Even slathering on tons of moisturizer didn’t really help my poor peeling face. I felt like a snake shedding it’s skin. T_T So yea, trying out the much hyped about “My Beauty Diary” masks in addition with my leftover Joreins mask.

Hope it works. πŸ˜€



Something is making both Firefox and Safari hang!

Every single time I open a website or attempt to play Country Story on FB, it hangs on me. T_T

Not only that, I can’t even access my gmail! WTF!

I suspect it has something to do with google or some sort. I need to access my emailssssss!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone having the same problem?

*sigh* I want my Blackberry.

fashion bee rants

It’s official…

…that Fashion students have NO SOCIAL LIFE. =.=” Unless you’re the kind that has fun now and suffer later.

Today my lecturer dumped 800 drawings on us.

800!!!!! Eight freaking hundred drawings!!!!

Okay, to be fair, we got less compared to our 5th semester seniors who previously had to do 1,500 sketches. But we have to use markers for some of our work. *sees money fluttering away* I think I have to change my whole Christmas wishlist to college supplies, especially markers.

Talking bout Christmas wishlists, I got 1 wish today. Went to Amcorp Mall for lunch with the S.O (where I also saw my ex), then decided to hit the Big Bad Books Sale. Bought 9 books and 6 magazines. Total damages, RM 60. πŸ˜€ Since it was the last day, all books were going for RM 5, where as the magazines, RM 3. Best deal ever. Titles were limited, so I just got everything that seemed interesting to me. Mostly none familiar authors though.

Parking in Amcorp was crazy today. Took us about half an hour to actually get a parking space. The parking gods are not happy with us today. πŸ™ Maybe we maxed out on parking karma. The S.O and I were incredibly hungry but by the time we got a spot and waited for our food, half our stomachs were probably filled with air. =.=” Not to mention I needed to pee badly whilst waiting for a parking spot.

So anyway, I need to leave for practice soon. Tomoro is D-Day, and we need to do a dry run for our fashion show. I don’t feel particularly nervous yet, but my juniors are all brushing up on their makeup skills. XD Wish us all good luck. πŸ˜‰