Vain pix


I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Things just got so busy with the whole new job, getting married thing that I just didn’t think to stop and write, although there have been a lot of action going on on Twitter & FB. 😛 So last Saturday was THE big day. I had to stay …

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Weekend Madness

Last weekend was an incredibly busy one. Headed down to Malacca for a day trip on Saturday. Didn’t do much but visited Mahkota Parade and the Pahlawan square place. It was like a mini Sg. Wang there. :S The S.O wasn’t too happy that they “destroyed” a historical landmark by elevating it and building a …

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Style of the Day

Went out with the S.O today. Decided to dress up a little, only to discover he wore T-shirt and shorts. :S Wore the jacket together with a white racer-back T, which I got from, guess where? … … … … … … … … … … From the Pasar Malam! At only RM 15. XD …

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