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Unchained melody

Today’s been a productive day.

Got the materials to make my accessories, despite having gone to 3 stores. In the end, I found what I needed from a hardware store. 😀

Picture after the jump. 🙂


A necklace made out of chains. Very Givenchy, no?

A little hard to figure the lengths before hand since I didn’t have the specialized cutter at home. And everything seemed to tangle, but that’s alright cos I made them in parts, so it’s easier to see which section belongs where.

I’m pretty happy with it. Now I probably need to clean out my mini top hat. It seems to be collecting dust. T_T I should make a box to store it in. Gonna add some colors to the hat later.

Oooo…I’m so blue and yellow! Haven’t decided on my make-up just yet but I need to think it up soon. :O The event is TWO days away! Hopefully I’m able to show off what I’m wearing soon. Can’t wait! (for everything to be pieced together)

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