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Rub a dub sub

Woke up early today and had to get ready for class.

Contemplated on the Subway breakfast or Roti Canai. Subway was too tempting. =.=”


I had their cheese and egg sub and probably it was a bad idea to have thousand island sauce with egg. I thought the egg would’ve been egg mayo, but it wasn’t. 🙁 Oh well, at least my curiosity was answered.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the work I’ve been doing over the weekend about a week ago.


The ink I bought for this thing really smelled bad. >.< It was a mix between dirt and poop. Now I know why it was only RM 2 a bottle at Giant. Never again will I succumb to buying that, though I still have a bottle left. (bought 3 in total cos of this assignment)

Meh, tons of work. My mind is drifting away. Am looking forward to my break, but I will need to jump through several hoops before I actually get there. 🙁 Planning for prom is underway, but I don’t really wanna do it. I feel it’s a little too rushed on my part. Going partially insane and probably senile soon.

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