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Today is day…6 of my dolly wait. Made my order on June 1st, but the payment was only confirmed on the 2nd. =.=”

I hate the whole waiting game. 🙁 Luckily today I wasn’t as obsessive as the first few days. Barely checked my email and the only thing I had to refresh most of the time was the website cos I had to ask them something regarding my order. I saw that they had the black wig in stock and I would rather get that as my temporary wig rather than the blond one. ( I somehow wasn’t feeling it. :S)

Gotta rush the remaining “balance” of my assignments before Friday. After my last assessment on Saturday, I’m FREE! For a while at least. Will get cracking on the drafting homework. T_T At least that’s a little simpler.

The S.O’s parents are thinking of another trip in August. I so wanna go, but I’ll be in the middle of classes then. 🙁 Also, I’ll be interning soon too. I’m afraid. XD *sigh*

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Rise & Fall

Ugh. Am incredibly annoyed at the moment.

LUTS (doll company) threw me off completely by upping their prices. >___< How was I to know that when they say that the currency exchange between Korean Won and US Dollars was different that they’re gonna hike up their prices. T_T

Everything is currently up by 20USD! *mumbles*

On a different note, tomoro is D-DAY! I’ve finally decided on purchasing the body to get the free event head. No Kid Delf Bory. *is sad* But there’s always next time. 🙂 Some other stuff I’m getting also includes a wig, spare hands (clenched fists), a face mask to protect whatever makeup that’s done, head cap to protect the head from the wig, extra strings and also some of Jin’s stuff which she’s tumpang-ing.

I know I haven’t even gotten my boy yet but I’m also eye-ing another little fella to be part of my “doll family”. He’s a LittleFee Bisou, not too happy with the price though. That thing costs more than BORY! But it is the most adorable thing EVA! *rawR* They’re reportedly the best posers. XD Love his lips, so kissable. XD

Isn't he cute?

Another one which I’m also interested in is an anthro doll. It has a head of a fox but the body of a human. Incredibly cute too. XD I guess the reason why these appeal to me much is cos if its size. It’s small and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around. But their prices are much left to be desired. :S

I know most people would think it’s silly to spend so much on dolls. I can argue the same about other things like cameras, action figures, collectibles, cars? Granted that some has a purpose, IF you know what you’re doing. I know I can take a nice holiday somewhere with that money spent on the dolls, but it’s my choice. 😛

Anyway, one step at a time. If I order him tomoro, he’ll probably arrive sometime in the middle of June, which is perfect for me. I will be home all day, waiting for his arrival. LoL. 15 hours to go before the order window opens. 😀

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I only had one comment on who would like to see moar Bjds here on this blog. 🙁 *is sad*

Nevermind, as long as there’s a willing person. Wahahaha.

So last night I finished the mini hat for Haku. He looks happy, or is it a smirk?

Haku smirking

3/4 profile

So, what do you think? 😀

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I’m expecting…!

the stomping of little feet next month! XD

I’ve finally decided to bring the little boy home and am gonna order him next week (on the 1st of June!!!) Wahahaha. So excited. I can’t sit still!

I can’t wait for June to arrive. But yet, I also dread it cos of all the assessments/assignments/exams. X( But I do hope that when it’ll all over, I don’t have to think about work and enjoy my month long break. 🙂

I actually have another blog specifically for my doll hobby, but I don’t know if I should post it here as well. :S We’ll let the comments decide it. 😀 (if there’s any) Since I know some people might be a tad uncomfortable with these dolls. 😛

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Random knitting project

Took a break from doing my assignments yesterday and ended up knitting something fairly random. Knitting is something fun to do and I was extremely excited in starting a mini project. I knitted a scarf.

Not just any scarf, mind you. A scarf for BJDs. 😀 Since I didn’t own any at the moment, I decided to knit one for Azure (Jin’s little boy). Funnily enough, I decided on a blue yarn before I knew it was Azure’s favourite color. :3 Took me a while to knit it and as I went along, I kinda got bored of the whole repetitive-ness of it and my hands started cramping up. =.=” But it’s finished!

I’m pretty proud of myself. *super proud* It’s a little messed up, but I guess it isn’t all that obvious. (I hope). So without stalling any further, here are the pictures of the finished product. I think Mr. Resin Head looks dashing in it. 😉

Mr. Resin Head

For some odd reason, he seems a little temperamental. 🙁 Think it’s cos he’s been stuck in the box for too long.

I see a little smile

Okay. So that’s it for my little project. 🙂 Am gonna try to learn how to make a sweater next. 😀

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Werk, werk.


It’s incredibly hot today and I’ve got tons of work to finish up. >:( Ah, the never ending cycle.

Got up at 10.30am this morning with a bad neck. 🙁 Sometimes I feel like recording myself when I go to bed just to see how I sleep. The S.O and I went to 1 Utama for lunch and a haircut, for him at least. I wanna grow my hair out. 🙂 Had Paddington’s House of Pancakes. 😀 But I think the quality dropped a little. (for the 1 Utama branch. Don’t know about the one at the Curve, though)

The S.O’s latte was diluted and I think our portion shrunk a little. :O Nevertheless, we were full after lunch. While the S.O had a haircut, I did some shopping. XD Then we went over to Digital Mall to collect his mom’s new phone. :O After that, we came home and I started on homework. T_T

So far, I’m done with two (out of 3) of my pastel drawings. 🙂 Can’t be compared to the lecturer’s work, but I think I did pretty good. *proud* I still have tons of work to do, but I guess a short break won’t kill me. Am thinking of drafting my skirt and blouse tomoro at college since I have to go anyway. :S

Pictures of what I’ve been doing. My bed is my work space. But I do move around if I need space to do different things such as sewing, cutting of fabrics..etc.

Fashion Illustration 01
Fashion Illustration 02

I don’t even have time for Mr. Resin Head. 🙁 I feel bad that he’s lying inside the dark box, but at least he’s protected for now. I’ve been checking out some websites about BJDs, but it just made me realize that technically, Aki isn’t considered a BJD in some of these forums. 🙁 Can’t blame them though. And these sites actually gives some great pointers on how to save up for a doll although some doesn’t quite work here on this site of the hemisphere. 😛

But yes, I shall start on a “Save For MSD BORY Fund” and also probably another 2 funds for the two Crobi lengchais? (good looking boys) I really can’t decide which to get first. I LOVE the Crobi SD and MSD buttttttt, I somehow think that MSD BORY would be a little more realistic in terms of reaching the goal. X3 Omg, give me more paying jobs so I can afford my baby. 🙂

My other “baby” (the S.O) thinks I’m crazy to want to actually spend so much on this. 🙁 Ugh. I just checked the price for both the Crobi boys. The price difference between the two is just 50 USD. :S But still, the price is at least 570 USD (without stuff like wigs and clothes). *sigh* Gambare!

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Had the crappiest day today. But it all went away when I got home. 🙂

Tried to make Aki a little happier by finally doing her face up. Couldn’t do much with the mouth staining, though. So I guess she’s gonna have to try to work it. LoL.

Aki with new faceup

Sometimes I think she has a naughty side she’s not showing. =.= And that was not done on purpose, by the way. I just got lazy to fix it. Maybe I’ll let her wear her party dress. 😀

Aki & Mr. Resin Head

Aki looks a little happier in this picture. 😀 I think she’s attached to him, but he’s not interested. I did her faceup using an angled makeup brush and a size 0 pointed brush. Also, everything is painted on with soft pastels. Even her “eyelashes”. Quite happy with the outcome of the eyes, but am still too distracted by her mouth. 🙁

"Whatchu lookin' at?"

This picture made me laugh a little cos Resin Head looks really annoyed. XD I think I’m gonna stick with the semi-gloss MSC for now. It costed RM34, so I’m gonna make most of it before looking around for the matte MSC. Unless you know of a place that sells them cheap. 🙂

I can’t help but keep going back to the LUTS site to look at the BORY. Need to start saving if I wanna get him before the year ends. 🙁 Donations, anyone?

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I got my resin doll head~

Got it from Jin who wanted to sell this head off. Plus, she threw in a wig and two 16mm acrylic eyes. How awesome is that? 😀

He’s a doll head, currently unnamed as well. I dunno, I just can’t seem to name my heads cos I feel that they’re incomplete. :O Also, he’s a LUTS Summery event ’09 head that fits on a senior delf or any 60cm body.

Are two heads better than one?

The resin head is much heavier than the vinyl head. I was shaking when I took him out of the box cos I didn’t want to ruin him. XD Mr. Resin Head also has deeper features compared to the vinyl head. He has cute little protruding ears!!! And pouty lips. :3

Vinyl Head’s a little chubbier around the cheeks whereas Resin Head is slimmer (very much like an anime head). But the one feature I really liked for Vinyl Head was the fact that it already had a built in holder for the eyes. Resin Head doesn’t, so you’ll need to have putty to hold them in place.

Oh hai!

After taking a good look at the two, I definitely prefer the resin head. *sorry, Vinny!* But I also realized another thing, it’s actually harder to do a face up on Resin Head rather than Vinyl Head. I’ve already done the required spray of Mr. Super Clear (MSC), but still it doesn’t quite stick as well as the Vinyl. Got kinda lazy in doing the whole layering of MSC after each detailing for faceup cos it requires me to spray in the toilet. (too lazy to go outside. :S) So I wanted to keep the spraying to a minimum.

Anyway, so I did a very random faceup for Resin Head. I was too excited and couldn’t wait to get home from college so I could play around with him. XD

Blue eyed boy

Faceup is not very visible here due to the lighting as well as the fact that there’s only one coat there. 😛 I kinda like these eyes on him. He’s got the innocent, pale faced looking going on. 😛

This is Resin Head trying on the 18mm green acrylic eyes. They are a little bit bigger, but I dunno. It kinda makes him look mysterious and sexy. Haha. 😀

Green eyed boy

I shall leave you with a picture of Vinyl Head going, “ore?”

Latest Faceup
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I have an obsession. Or rather, it came back.

I randomly found out that a girl from my college has a ball jointed doll (BJD) and I got all excited because I’ve always wanted one. Technically, I sorta have one, but meh, I don’t really consider her (yes, my doll is a she) a BJD cos everything is just different. BJDs are usually made out of resin and they are HUGE! Aki (my “kid”) is only 27cm in height. About the height of Barbie but with better joints. 😀

My Obitsu - Aki

I’ve always been fascinated by BJDs and was adamant in getting one about 4 years ago, hence Aki’s “birth”. Sadly, she’s currently clinging onto an unnamed drawing mannequin and I have no idea what to do with her. I really wanna buy her a pair of acrylic eyes but that would mean modifying (or modding) her head by cutting holes for the eyes. But since her face has been terribly stained, I just don’t feel like doing much and instead am tempted in getting a new head to replace this one. :O

Anywayyy, Jin (the girl from college) sorta reignited my interest in BJDs. I would get a whole lot, but they’re expensive. 🙁 Even the littlest ones costs a whooping RM 600 (220 USD) and that does not include the wigs, clothes, makeup and shipping. 0.o Eviiilllll, I tell you.

I’m itching to get one proper BJD, and this time I want it to be a boy. 😀 My dream BJD is a doll named Shall from D.O.D. She’s VERY expensive.T_T So I’ll settle for a little one before moving onto the top guns. I’m eyeing a LUTS Kid Delf boy Bory for now.

LUTS Kid Delf Bory

But after getting him, a wig (don’t want a bald boy, do we now?), and probably some clothes, it would cost about RM 1K. T_T Maybe I won’t get him clothes, but shipping itself is a killer. I have another 2 boys in mind, both from Crobi, but that’ll have to wait until I have a lot of cash to throw about. I mean, I love these dolls don’t get me wrong, but I still find it a little hard to part with almost RM3K for dolls when I could go on a trip with that money. :O I know, my priorities are pretty messed up. When I go crazy over something, I won’t stop until I get it.

Also, I got a separate head (meant for a 60cm doll) with the intentions of getting a body later, but it seems to me that I’m not making progress in that. :S So I’ve probably given up on the idea for the time being. But it has given me a lot of opportunities to practive on doing a faceup (make up). 😀

Unnamed head

I know a lot of people think these dolls are creepy. I think these dolls are as close to anime characters as you can get (in real life, at least) and reborn dolls are creepier. Not to mention porcelain dolls too. :O Unnamed head has a different makeup on now. I’ve yet to take pictures but I think I wanna change it again. -.-”

So yes, I am a geek. 🙂 And somehow I feel that the dolls makes me happy. Can’t wait, need to start saving to get Bory (although I WILL change his name later on. :D) I will be getting another head soon (this time a proper resin head) from Jin. He’s so pretty it’s hard to resist. I can’t wait to do a faceup on him. 😡

ps: All pictures belongs to me except LUTS kid delf boy Bory. 😉