12 years. They say time heals all pain, but I guess 12 years just isn’t even enough for me to even smile about it. It really hurts when someone who is suppose to care for you & love you unconditionally decides that they don’t want anything to do with you anymore and leaves you and …

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Life goes on.

It’s finally over! Final assessment is out of the way. Now to wait for graduation. :O It’s really hard to believe that 3 years just went by so quickly. It’s even harder to believe that I’m GRADUATING! It really seems surreal, and although I said that I wasn’t gonna be sad… I have to admit …

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Achy Breaky

First of all…Happy New Year! (although I’m 6 days late. :P) Been pretty busy with tons of stuff… namely internship, working part-time, running about…etc. My feet are killing me this moment. I stood for 8 hours straight, sat down for an hour (dinner) and stood again till 10-ish. I couldn’t even have lunch for fear …

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I am thankful

Sometimes I forget that I have so much going on for me.

No f*ckin title

I swear, it’s times like these that I feel that it’s just not worth it. Comments off.


I need to think of things to update. I think my brain has probably turned into goo. =.=” Gotta sleep in the “guest room” surrounded by tons of stuff cos they’re still doing up our room. Our toilet is none existent right now cos they’ve removed all the tiles, “throne” and shower. It’s also incredibly …

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Right now…

I would rather knit than to study for an exam that doesn’t make much sense. =.=” *geram* Damn tired too, since I only got home about an hour ago. *sigh* Screw this shit la.

Random pre-birthday post

Another year older. I can’t believe I’m already 25(!!!). Not till tomoro, at least. I think as you get older, birthday celebrations mean less. As you get older, birthday presents become less. Your circle of friends, too, will dwindle. My birthdays now are usually laid back dinners with a few selected people. No big hoo …

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Goodbye, McQueen

Something caught my eye as I surfed the net this morning. I thought it was some sick joke, but it wasn’t. Alexander McQueen is dead. 🙁 I’m devastated. May he rest in peace.