On Saturday night, I had my pre-birthday celebration dinner. Location, Souled Out @ Hartamas. Little did I know it would probably be one of the biggest mistakes ever. Apparently they had an event which took up the whole ground floor and on top of that, there was a footie game on (Man U vs. Chelsea). …

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Was at Stylo’s Opening Gala last night. As usual, a last minute invitation from our lecturer and I was feeling ready to get all dolled up. But at the last minute, I kinda felt like I didn’t wanna go. (aiya, blame old age) But I went anyway. It was definitely a different feeling as the …

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Sun Dei!

Okay, lame title, I know. My morning was spent lying around in bed, trying to finish the latest Nicholas Sparks’ book titled The Last Song. I think this is probably one of my favourite book, besides A walk to Remember. And it’s now going to be turned into a movie starring Miley Cyrus. Hope the …

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Zee Avi Live

The S.O and I had a great time at the Zee Avi concert last night despite the long wait. My only irk was the fact that we had to pay RM 15 for parking as well as RM 6 for a 1.5 liter bottle of 100 plus. Talk about being ripped off. >:( Anyway, I’m …

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Weekend Madness

Last weekend was an incredibly busy one. Headed down to Malacca for a day trip on Saturday. Didn’t do much but visited Mahkota Parade and the Pahlawan square place. It was like a mini Sg. Wang there. :S The S.O wasn’t too happy that they “destroyed” a historical landmark by elevating it and building a …

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Winter wear – check!

Did some shopping for the rest of my winter gears today. Why are things so expensive? Our total bill came up to almost RM 500… and it was for only 13 items. o.O Shit! We got 2 pairs of thermal wear/thermal underwear/long johns (banyak-nye nama), 2 masks, 3 pairs of gloves, and 4 pairs of …

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Fashion Mayhem

Been busy so I don’t really have time for a proper update. 🙁 I can’t believe that the 3rd of December is NEXT WEEK! Omfg! I’m not too worried about the garments cos that’s already done. What I’m worried about is getting the music done on time. =.=” Gotta hand it in on Monday. Rehearsals …

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Well, not literally. I was one of the featured few in Tongue in Chic’s Where and Wear. Woohoo! So excited (and kinda jakun) since I haven’t be featured in anything before. 😛 Thank goodness my toes didn’t look hideous. XD Love the turquoise colored toenails. They seem better fitting on my toes than on my …

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Tongue in Chic

Went to Zouk, KL today to redeem my YOUREKA! goodies. This time they were giving away 2 passes to watch 2012. I was hoping to get the purple tag, but instead I got the blue tags. 🙁 Boo! The next one would be the green tags. 🙂 Gonna try out for that too.