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Life goes on.

It’s finally over!

Final assessment is out of the way. Now to wait for graduation. :O It’s really hard to believe that 3 years just went by so quickly. It’s even harder to believe that I’m GRADUATING! It really seems surreal, and although I said that I wasn’t gonna be sad… I have to admit that with the feeling finally setting in, I AM gonna miss some of the stuff…and the friends I’ve made.

Now I have to focus on making my final collection for the fashion show in December (plus work on some other adhoc works) and also start a new chapter in life. I’ve already got a job offer and I start on Monday, part-timing for the moment. Sometimes I feel like I’m not ready to let go of college life, but it has to end sometime. :S


Feeling a little melancholic now.

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At the beginning…

Danny and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 11th June 2011. It was also the day that he decided to propose to me. 🙂

The proposal wasn’t really super romantic, but I guess it was romantic enough for me. It started after our anniversary dinner, when we got home. He had asked me what could’ve made the day even more special. I told him the day was special enough. He humored me by taking me to Aquaria to see the fishes. We walked around Pavilion, and we had a yummy anniversary dinner. But in my head, I was wishing for a proposal. I mean, after 8 years, wouldn’t you too? I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him, but I do know that he didn’t seem like he was ready, so I let the subject go.

So when he asked me to close my eyes and turned off the light, I got a tad scared. He then asked me to open my eyes and there it was, the words I never thought he would say (so soon!) written on FB.

” Will you marry me?”

I was stunned. I wasn’t jumping up and down screaming YES!! But I did hug him and peeped a barely audible yes. XD It was incredibly surreal. Even after waking up the next day, I felt like it was a dream. It wasn’t until I saw the ring again that I truly thought, “wow! It really happened.” I have no words to describe the feeling. It is incredibly weird on one hand, yet normal on the other.

Danny says the ring is just to “officiate” everything. I mean, almost everyone I know thinks of us as a married couple already. So yes, a lot of planning in the near future. It’s also a scary feeling, not knowing what to expect. We’ve yet to settle on a date as we’re looking at a good date according to the Chinese calendar. 🙂

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It’s that time again

Just realized that my birthday is in 13 (well, 12 by the time this is posted) days!

Haven’t really thought about what I wanna do this year, but I do know that I would like to just be away for the weekend since the 4th is on a Monday (boo!) A short getaway perhaps? Gotta ask the Bf.

Also, I’ve been thinking of getting a ferret. :p Not anytime soon though, since we don’t really have the space for one (a comfortable cage is HUGE!) I just think they’re pretty cute. 😀 and probably more sociable compared to a cat? I do like cats, but having dogs at home complicates things (case 1: my dogs’ encounter with my part time cat)

Am working hard on my competition entries. Today I spent the day sewing nettings and attaching/ detaching them, just to see if it fits/ looks good. A lil bit worried though since there are no pre-fitting sessions. 🙁


Gotta try working at a faster pace.

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Man, my last entry was sometime in January. 😮

Oops… My bad. I’ve been meaning to do an update but somehow I got lost in the real world. Right now I am blogging on my IPhone.

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Achy Breaky

First of all…Happy New Year! (although I’m 6 days late. :P)

Been pretty busy with tons of stuff… namely internship, working part-time, running about…etc.

My feet are killing me this moment. I stood for 8 hours straight, sat down for an hour (dinner) and stood again till 10-ish. I couldn’t even have lunch for fear of missing some potential customers. =.=” That, and also the fact that I was too busy to even take a short break.

I feel them throbbing with pain. T_T How do some people do it? (stand for the whole day) So incredibly pooped out. I hope there isn’t more of this cos my feet and knees are about to give way. XD (Yes, I feel that old already) I’m already missing college already.

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I’m back!

So, I was away over the weekend for the Anime Festival Asia. It was… somewhat different from what I encountered 2 years ago during their first ever event.

Yes, there were more booths. They were practically selling the same items in most booths (nendoroids, cards, figurines) and very little model kits. Not that I was really interested anyway. I was more interested in finding items for my resin kids, like shoes! But meh, didn’t find any. There was a display of Dolfie Dream dolls which I thought was quite cool, but then again, I’m not really interested in them either. They’re way too anime-ish for my liking.

I was basically walking around aimlessly whilst the BF and the rest of the gang (the gang = my brother, duckie & hawk) went off looking for things of interest. The cosplay outfits for this year was pretty alright, although I did see a pretty mean cosplay of Hatsune Miku of Project Diva. 😀 I was too lazy to take any pictures while I was there, but I might grab some from the BF when he’s done uploading the pictures (which may take a while)

Also, I’m incredibly happy with the fact that I managed to snag a Drossel Von Flugel nendoroid! <3 I’ve been wanting one since I thought it was cute but couldn’t find them anyway except YesAsia, which was still alittle pricey after all the conversions & shipping. Another thing I’m absolutely happy with? DANBOARD! Yes! I can finally haz Danboard (from Yotsuba & !). Those things are incredibly hard to find. Okay, so technically the danboard doesn’t belong to me but the BF, but I get joint custody of it, right? 😛

Got to see Danny Choo in person. Watched his Cultured Japan video and it was hilarious (only the ninja bits.XD) Must go see Edo Wonderland if ever in Japan. 😀

The hotel we stayed at was great (Hangout @ Mt. Emily) but it’s not fun to walk up a hill especially when you’re dead tired. Walking down however isn’t too bad and it’s pretty near the Little India MRT station. Dhoby Ghaut MRT is near too, but do not attempt to walk unless you’re familiar with the place. I don’t know what we’d do without the Singapore map on Hawk’s iPad. The breakfast at the hotel is pretty decent too.

We were also constantly eating while we were there. The day we arrived, we had some rip-off Nando’s (which IMO, tasted weird), then decided to be adventurous in searching for the famous Spicy Chicken wings. We found the place, but it was really out there. =.=” We took a cab to the place, but had to walk out for about 20 mins to the nearest bus stop. Thank goodness the weather was good enough and the group was big (7 of us). Do not attempt this if you do not like to walk and/or is alone.

The next day we had breakkie at the hotel, headed down to Suntec for AFA then Tony Romas for lunch and later had Marche for dinner. Marche in Singapore is much better than the one in KL. It was constantly packed too. We were there at 6pm, and there was already a queue. But it moved fast so you don’t really have to worry.

On our 3rd day, we skipped breakfast cos we were tired from all that walking, checked out and then headed over to Vivocity again to have lunch at Carl’s Jr. since everyone was craving for bacon. Loitered around Vivocity for a bit before heading back to the hotel to grab out bags and then headed over to Novena Square to catch our bus back to KL. As usual, everything was a little rushed. I would actually like to stay a little longer if time (and money) had permitted me to.

I’m missing Singapore already. :S

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Sorry for being M.I.A

Haven’t really been updating much due to internship. Yes, I’ve finally started and work’s been hectic, especially when there’s new stock to be taken. Otherwise, it’s been good. The downside, however, is the long work hours (10am-8pm) and the 6 day workday. 🙁 I come home by 8.30pm most days and have dinner, then shower and by the time I actually get to do anything else, it’s already 12am. o.O!

And FINALLY, a holiday to Singapore again! Weeee~ my brother’s coming with too. Don’t know how well we’d get along, but we’ll see. 😛 And it seems that I’ve only been traveling with the guys. XD Mmm.. the organizers of AFA aren’t very smart this time around. :S They forgot to tell people where to buy their tickets. >:( They should have pre-sales/online sales for international visitors too, but so far we haven’t heard anything…*mumbles to self*

Anyway, off to go catch up on my rest day. 😀


My first dental appointment in a billion years

I still feel a tad groggy from the local anesthetic. I had my two lower left tooth removed and I must say, the experience is weird.

For starters, I’m afraid of the dentist. I blame it all on my primary school dental visits which probably left me scarred (and scared) for life. So obviously, I was totally petrified when I had to see one. The only reason why I decided to see one in the first place was because of my mom. She wanted to do a consultation about her own tooth, and since I’ve been having trouble with mine, I thought, “why not?”

So la di da, we went to a dental clinic in Old town about two weeks back, and met the doctor. He was a loud guy. I think it’s his way of trying to make the patients feel comfortable by conversing (in a loud manner) with them, but I was anything but comfortable. Instead, I felt a little guilty and (even more scared) after meeting him. Why? Because he kept saying things like, “Aiyo, how come you let it become like this?!” and ” Aih, I dunno what to do with this la…”

And I was just going there to inquire about the cost of everything (which he was very vague about as well) but he was like, ” Depends on the root of the tooth la…etc, etc.” and he wanted to do an extraction then and there. I wasn’t even prepared for the whole ordeal. o.O So in the end, my mom and I only paid RM 8 each for consultation (cheap, yes).

I decided I wanted a second opinion and the S.O decided to make an appointment with his dental surgeon. I was skeptical. Can’t blame me, right? So yes, met up with Dr. Ng and I must say, he definitely made me feel much better. I told him the story as to why I’m afraid of the dentist, and he just listened. After that, he took a look and sent me for an x-ray (which was next door. XD) After the x-ray was done, I went back in for consultation and then came the news. Everything is fine, nothing major.

Fast forward to today. I was completely nervous when I went into the clinic. Even the doctor could see that. XD I opted for the “Happy Gas”/Local Anesthetic cos I didn’t exactly know what to expect. So here’s a recap of what I (think I) remembered from the whole “trip”.

1. Doctor tried to calm me down by talking to me. I smiled nervously.

2. I had this contraption placed over my nose and was told to inhale. Doctor said it was pure oxygen. Then he slathered a paste on my gums. The smell and taste was vaguely familiar. Tongue touched a little of the paste, and I could feel the whole area slowly becoming numb.

3. Doctor injected me with something. Still very much awake and was wondering when I would fall asleep. Just as I thought that, I felt my body slowly becoming heavy and I felt like my body was shaking. Felt drowsy and somehow I was fighting to stay awake. I could still feel the sting of the needle entering my gums. It did hurt a little.

4. Doctor told me to open my mouth and I thought, ‘Ah, screw this… just close your eyes’. So I did. Could hear suction, and drilling, and more suction. Was trying to breath but passageway was blocked by saliva. More suction.

5. Felt a tug on my mouth. Wait, it actually felt like someone was pinching and pulling my cheeks (you know, when you see a cute kid and you immediately pinch his/her cheeks and go…’omg! you’re a cute wittle babyyy’) Opened my eyes from time to time. Nurses held onto my head.

6. Think I started to drift off a little. The funny thing was, in my head, I saw the moon rising with music in the background. Weirdest experience, though I know it’s the calming background music being played and the moon was actually the overhead light. Hate the feeling of not being able to control my body.

7. Doctor placed some cotton into my mouth, and that’s when I knew it was all over. I slowly came around and ta da, it was all over in 30 minutes. I still feel the after effects of the anesthetic though.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the service although yes, it is very expensive. Everyone is nice and they make you feel calm. The clinic actually smsed me the day before to remind me about my appointment as well. 😀 Consultation and X-ray was RM 150. You need to make an appointment before hand, though. Don’t think they accept walk-ins. The local anesthetics was RM 400… and well, my tooth extraction was RM 600. T_T Price differs for everyone.

Dr. Ng’s clinic is at 97, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Bukit Emas, 47301 Petaling Jaya. Contact number is 03 – 78049920. It’s actually right opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

p/s: This is just based on my own experience and opinions.

Life randoms

Bra Bra Brack Sheep…

Randomness, but…

I bought a two new bras today!

And it’s the awesome-est bra ever!

I didn’t think it would fit that great. :3

I think I’m gonna go back next week to get another 5-10 more. XD Just cause it’s awesome. 😀

Nothing much to update besides me being busy (with what, I have no clue) and I just cleared out almost 10 bags of fabric into two medium IKEA boxes. And they’re both full!!! (need to remind self to take picture) I still have 3 bags of fabric without a home (read:box) so Imma buy another one this weekend if I can.

I also have to see the dentist soon. I keep feeling an extra (wisdom?) tooth growing but it wasn’t until today I realized that it’s actually growing out sideways, and dah lah my top row’s out of space. :S So out it must go. 🙁 *is scared*

Another 2 (?) weeks before I leave the comforts of college and into the workforce (as an intern). Wonder what challenges awaits me. I still don’t know where I’m gonna be posted. Will know soon enough. 🙂

Also, Yuu hasn’t had any play time as of late. Last time he saw the sun was about 3-4 days ago? XD I made him his yukata and that was it. Still can’t decide if he doesn’t like me sewing clothes for him (cos he’s always into some sorta mischief whenever I try to put clothes on him) or if he just prefers being nude. T_T

Looking forward to November cos of AFA! Not to mention Singapore~ weeeeee… 😀 I wanna visit Universal studios as well as check out the new casino, but the S.O is reluctant due to time & money constraints. Bah. But everything is still in the works. Mmm… I love me some holiday. 😀

Can’t wait for the whole home makeover to be done. My stuff is still all over the place. No use trying to rearrange them now cos the walls still need a new coat of paint. Blue FTW! 😀

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No f*ckin title

I swear, it’s times like these that I feel that it’s just not worth it.

Comments off.