Life goes on.

It’s finally over! Final assessment is out of the way. Now to wait for graduation. :O It’s really hard to believe that 3 years just went by so quickly. It’s even harder to believe that I’m GRADUATING! It really seems surreal, and although I said that I wasn’t gonna be sad… I have to admit …

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Man, my last entry was sometime in January. 😮 Oops… My bad. I’ve been meaning to do an update but somehow I got lost in the real world. Right now I am blogging on my IPhone.


I heard the postman earlier and rushed downstairs to get the mail (since he honked his horn, I assumed it was a large package) but was only handed a bunch or regular mails (and one which I had to sign for. :S) Amongst them was a mail from my college. Shit! I thought to myself, …

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Blue and yellow, hello!

Been busy. Holiday’s over. Tons of illustrations to finish up. Going mad. Made a dress for my class project. It’s blue and yellow satin with fuchsia lining! Talk about striking. Need to learn how to knit for the 2nd half of my textile class. My knitting book doesn’t really help. 🙁 Am getting commission for …

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Edward Scissorhands

Good day my pretties. I know I haven’t exactly been a good blogger, but what can I do when I was up till my eyeballs in work. =.=” Anyway, it’s FINALLY OVER! 3 whole months (okay la, only 1 month) of preparation and going insane (from sewing) finally boiled down to one night – and …

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It’s a Friday!

In a blink of an eye, it’s FRIDAY! Had a presentation for Malaysian Studies too. Was jittery cos I wasn’t really well prepared. XD I’ve gotta hand in 2 moodboards for my 70’s show on Monday. Gotta finish my fabric board and moodboard for my Edward Scissorhands show by the 25th November, gotta do my …

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The New Zone

So, last Friday I was an usher for the Fashion Show organized by my college (PJCAD). The show showcased the designs of the fashion seniors and was held in Heritage Mansion. More photos after the jump. 🙂