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All I want for Christmas…

I know it’s a wee bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but hey, it IS the 1st of December anyway. 🙂 I’ve been lemming for a lot of things, such as new clothes and such. A girl can never have too many clothes and shoes. 🙂 That is a fact. 😀

Anyway, here’s my wishlist for Christmas. 😛 It’s unlikely I’ll get any of these, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

#1 Blackberry Bold 9700

– I’ve been wanting this since forever! (well, not really forever…haha) Plus, I think my Sony Ericsson z610i is dying on me. For starters, I can’t seem to hear my phone ring anymore and I have an incredibly noisy & hard to miss ringtone. (Lonely In Gorgeous by Tommy February)

#2 Money to shop

– I would actually like to specifically say clothes and shoes, but different people have different tastes. So, unless you know me really well, it might be a little hard to shop for clothes I might like. Shoes… well, there’s a Chinese saying that if you bought shoes for someone, you’re asking them to go far far away. =.=” So yes, money to shop. 😀

#3 Books/Romance Novels

– I like books by Johanna Lindsey, especially about the Malory clan. 😀 But any of her books will do. I have quite a number in collection. Hahaha, but since Romance novels are so expensive and I read REALLY fast, I haven’t really bought anything new to read in a while.

#4 A new laptop

– Apparently electronics such as laptops are not meant to be used for too long. 5 years max, although my lecturer told me it was 3. XD Whatever the case, Big Mac is already about 3 and a half years old. I won’t say he’s dying on me just yet, but he’s constantly on life support. =.=” I would like a Mac Book Pro please! *shiny eyes*

#5 Rings

– Not a wedding ring, doh. But any unique looking rings such as my sphinx and “tree”. Probably anything which makes its own statement will do. 🙂

# 6 Random cute stuff

– I’m a sucker for things in cute packaging. I like things which are unique, but usually unique things would costs an arm or a leg. =.=” Be it cute animal 3D stickers or colored buttons of many sizes. Art Friend and Craft Haven can be my second home. I just enjoy browsing around the aisle, discovering cool stuff. 😀 Like the red wax and seal! Omg, I want that!

# 7 Makeup

– I need makeup. I have horrendous bags under my eyes and really dark eye circles. My skin is of an uneven tone, so makeup helps even everything out. Problem is, I haven’t really found the perfect concealer. The closest thing I’ve ever gotten was the concealer from Shu Uemura. It’s expensive though. 🙁 Nothing else seems to be working for me. Yea, Shu FTW!

That’s all I can think of at the top of my head at the moment. Another random point, I couldn’t find the my leggings lady. 🙁 I have no idea where she is and I need to get my leggings, pronto. 🙁 Also, I saw the “My Melody” Pillow Blanket at the pasar malam today!!!!!! I wannnnnttttttt~~~ But the S.O wouldn’t get it cos he said I have no use for it.


But I do have a use for it. I can use it as a pillow to rest my head while in the airplane, and cover myself up if I feel cold. 🙁 Huhuhu…. I’ve been hunting high and low for a nice one since last year and now when I found it, I can’t get it. Being unemployed kinda sucks. T_T

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Tongue in Chic


Went to Zouk, KL today to redeem my YOUREKA! goodies. This time they were giving away 2 passes to watch 2012. I was hoping to get the purple tag, but instead I got the blue tags. 🙁 Boo! The next one would be the green tags. 🙂 Gonna try out for that too.

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He came, he broke many hearts

Lee Min Ho’s autograph session was today. I was there, watching from afar cos of the massive sea of fans surrounding the concourse/stage area. Seriously, they should have organized it at another mall. 🙁 The place was stuffy and overcrowded with fan girls & random bypassers alike (read: the 38 type)

So I arrived at Sungei Wang at around 3pm. The crowd was already there. Did some shopping for my college stuff, but my heart was feeling restless. This kinda brought back some memories for me. I was once a fan girl. XD

I couldn’t get a glimpse of Lee Min Ho-sshi. 🙁 All possible viewing spots were taken; all the way to the highest floor. Some people even resorting to going up and down the escalators just to get a glimpse of him. =.=” Anyway, the S.O came with his trusty camera to take pictures for me. 😀

We had nowhere to stand so in the end, he managed to squeeze in together with some people at Coffee Bean. XD I had to get a drink since I felt bad that we were hijacking their space. I’m not that thick-skinned. 😛 Anyway, fanbase was massive and you could hear them chanting his name. :O

Honestly, I kinda forgot what he looked liked for a second. =.=”  I think he looks the same as he does in the drama, though probably with less makeup on, cos the S.O said his face was shiny. O.o Even the demi-gods get a little shine now and then. 😀 So anyway, here’s my lousy(ly) taken picture as I was coming down the escalator. Shitty thing was, I didn’t realize the flash was on forced-off, hence the completely blurry picture. T_T

Min Ho <3
Min Ho <3

On a non Lee Min Ho related note, look what I bought! I saw this really cool looking ring and instantly knew that I had to get it. I love Love LOVE it! It’s kinda like one of those Egyptian gods. 😀 Won’t reveal the price cos if the S.O ever found out, I’d probably be banned from shopping alone ever again! (for lack of self control and buying no college related stuff. XD)

Walk like an Egyptian
Walk like an Egyptian

Anyway, was re-watching Lee Min Ho’s Dunkin Donut ad. *dies happy* I LOVE HIS SMILE! He has a really incredible smile. I did get to see it, but it wasn’t for a very long time. 🙁 I want to see more of Min Ho. One thing I didn’t like, the bow tie. It looks so weird. >.< Maybe cos he was wearing one in the Etude House promo poster, but seriously? Did he need to wear one during a fan meet as well? *pouts* Either way, he’s still cute. XD

Edit: Yippee… my pictures are back. 🙂 Also, my lecturer said that my ring looked like something from a cult. =.=”