Of sickness and health

You know what? I truly do believe that I’ve jinx myself. It all started when I said I haven’t fallen sick while I was in China. Ta-da! The very next day I started to have the sniffles. A very nice aunty who was on the tour with us mentioned that I might have caught a …

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Random Update # 38974

I hope no one’s been missing me since I haven’t really had the chance to update recently. 😛 News is, I’m sick. Probably caught the bug from Hawk, which developed into a full blown fever with achy body and a sore throat, just the day after I got home from Penang. Maybe the weather (it’s …

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Ugh. I feel like crap right now. Didn’t feel well this morning, so I skipped class. My head was throbbing and my lips dry. Tried to sleep in but I couldn’t cos I needed to pee. -.-” And once I woke up, I was up. Think maybe I’m dehydrated. 🙁 Been drinking shitloads of “teh …

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