Colored Berries

I remember my very first phone. It was a Seimens that only had a small window for a screen and squishy translucent keypads. I was probably 16 then. Previously I had to share an old phone with my mom and it was so BIG that it made it hard to hide when I brought it to school. 😛

Then came the Nokia 3310. Back in the day, (haha, I make it sound like I’m so old) it was one of the best phones to use. Not only could it compose melodies, (which was a big thing then) it was one tough cookie. I dropped it countless of times, and yet it still worked! (hard to say about some phones now) Sadly, it got stolen. 🙁

I’ve been lemming for a Blackberry. I used to think it was bulky and weird looking, but ever since trying one out, it actually fits snugly in my palm. Plus, I’ve gotten used to typing on a QWERTY keypad (on the iPhone) and think it’s much easier to type. I’m a sms-oholic. 😛

I saw the contents and it’s mind boggling! Though, not to worry as long as I have the manual in hand. I never really got a chance to test out the usability function of the thing, but it’s got me sold. I want one now! I’m still deciding between the Blackberry Curve or the Blackberry Bold. I don’t really like touch screen, so the Storm is out.

The Bold’s keypads are a little small, but it shouldn’t be a problem cos I have small fingers. 😀 The Curve has what claims to be the most comfortable keypad, with its raised ridges. The Bold only has a 2mp camera whereas the Curve has a 3.15mp camera (but will it make a difference?)

The Bold has 3G, the Curve doesn’t. I guess it will only matter if I will be using it or not. Plus, I probably need to change my service provider if I do want to use the 3G function.

On a slightly different note, I’ve come across the China made version of the Blackberry which is named Blueberry. Makes you wonder what’s next – Raspberry?


  1. Hey babe…

    Why not storm? Since you are so used to touchscreen already…
    I got a storm from maxis after my iPhone got robbed. And never regret my purchase, besides…not many owns a storm compare to curve & bold.

    Highly recommend u to get the storm lor…
    whatever it is…get it fast, then we can bbm each other for free! 🙂

    • Hey audRey,

      The iPhone belongs to the S.O. and I find that touchscreen tends to spoil fast/not responsive after awhile. Plus, it’s not really user friendly if you have long nails. Haha. 🙂

      Not getting it anytime soon, unless I miraculously hit the jackpot. Just wishful thinking. 😉

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