Rise & Fall

Ugh. Am incredibly annoyed at the moment.

LUTS (doll company) threw me off completely by upping their prices. >___< How was I to know that when they say that the currency exchange between Korean Won and US Dollars was different that they’re gonna hike up their prices. T_T

Everything is currently up by 20USD! *mumbles*

On a different note, tomoro is D-DAY! I’ve finally decided on purchasing the body to get the free event head. No Kid Delf Bory. *is sad* But there’s always next time. 🙂 Some other stuff I’m getting also includes a wig, spare hands (clenched fists), a face mask to protect whatever makeup that’s done, head cap to protect the head from the wig, extra strings and also some of Jin’s stuff which she’s tumpang-ing.

I know I haven’t even gotten my boy yet but I’m also eye-ing another little fella to be part of my “doll family”. He’s a LittleFee Bisou, not too happy with the price though. That thing costs more than BORY! But it is the most adorable thing EVA! *rawR* They’re reportedly the best posers. XD Love his lips, so kissable. XD

Isn't he cute?

Another one which I’m also interested in is an anthro doll. It has a head of a fox but the body of a human. Incredibly cute too. XD I guess the reason why these appeal to me much is cos if its size. It’s small and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around. But their prices are much left to be desired. :S

I know most people would think it’s silly to spend so much on dolls. I can argue the same about other things like cameras, action figures, collectibles, cars? Granted that some has a purpose, IF you know what you’re doing. I know I can take a nice holiday somewhere with that money spent on the dolls, but it’s my choice. 😛

Anyway, one step at a time. If I order him tomoro, he’ll probably arrive sometime in the middle of June, which is perfect for me. I will be home all day, waiting for his arrival. LoL. 15 hours to go before the order window opens. 😀