Weight on my shoulder

I swear I’m actually getting shorter by the day. It’s bad enough that I’m already short, but carrying an insane amount of bags to college isn’t exactly helping either. 🙁

Most days I wouldn’t bother carrying my laptop cos a) I either won’t have time to use it or b) it’ll distract me from doing any actual work.

Anyway, I carry 2 bags (on an average) everyday, one being my handbag and another which is my usual bag that holds my sewing box, thread box, fabric scissors, 3 rulers, notes, 2 files filled with drafting notes & colored paper, umbrella, water bottle, 2 pencil cases. This bag alone is pretty heavy. Then, there are times where I would need to carry an extra bag filled with my acrylic paints, mounting boards and other miscellaneous  stuff.

You may wonder why I do not leave my sewing box in college. For starters, things WILL go missing. We do not have our own lockers, just little square shelves we call “pigeon hole”. Even so, it’s not enough to hold our stuff. Besides, it’ll make more sense for me to bring it home too, so I can sew at home if needed. Even with the whole taking everything home routine, things do go missing. :S Maybe I should start getting a deposit on borrowed items to ensure all things are returned. =.=”

To me, I shouldn’t have to ASK for my stuff to be returned. It is basic (and common) courtesy. If I don’t ask you won’t return? Not to mention sometimes the borrowed stuff does not come back in the same condition that was lent out. Like I said, I can get pretty anal about my stuff. Hence, the reason why I’m absolutely reluctant in borrowing them out, especially to people with bad track records. All I need is the assurance that you’ll handle my things with care and responsibility, and the promise it WILL BE RETURNED once borrowed without me having to ask.

So yes, I will bear with the weight on my shoulders (literally) although I should probably look into an alternative way of ferrying my work around. A luggage bag perhaps? Or maybe they should just give us a locker room where we can store our things without worrying it would go missing. And maybe I should think about getting a massage for my aching shoulders. 😛

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