I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Things just got so busy with the whole new job, getting married thing that I just didn’t think to stop and write, although there have been a lot of action going on on Twitter & FB. 😛

So last Saturday was THE big day. I had to stay over at the hotel the night before because instead of the groom picking the bride up at her home, we decided that it would be less of a mess picking me up from the hotel. The room I got was incredibly large with a great view of the KL Tower!

Did I mention the room?!

The bathroom has a bathtub and 2 (yes, TWO!) showers on both sides! Didn’t take a picture of those because I didn’t realize it until much later. Hahaha. I guess I was incredibly excited because I really wasn’t expecting such a large room. I thought I would have one of those slightly larger bedrooms and they’ll just put in two chairs for the whole tea ceremony thing. :S

Everyone asked if I was nervous the day before the wedding. Honestly, I wasn’t. The only time I truly felt something remotely close to being nervous was when Danny was right outside my bedroom door, just before he came in.

With Charlyn (from Wedding Isle) who did a fantastic job with my hair and makeup. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

A little bit sidetracked, but Danny & I wanted to try and save a bit on the wedding by DIY-ing a couple of stuff. One of which, is the wedding car. I google-ed some videos and found one which was rather helpful. I thought that doing up your own wedding car would be a completely insane task, but it was relatively simple after watching the videos. I highly recommend decorating your own car if you have the time to spare, just because you know what you want best. 🙂

I think I did a pretty good job. *beams*

Ohai! (picture by Tootie)

I haven’t gotten the pictures/ videos from that night yet, although I’ve been saving a couple of pictures off FB. 🙂 Our team of photographers & videographers were absolutely AMAZING! Jon Low Studios did our photo slideshow and I was tearing abit when I saw the same day edit pictures. The same goes for Keng’s Cinematography for their video slideshow. Now I really can’t wait to see the longer version. 😀

Both my wedding gown & evening dress was done by Veralyne. She is an incredibly nice person and so patient. The moment she sent me a picture of my gown, my heart literally skipped a beat and I gasped. Cliche, I know. But I couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out and when I tried it on the first time, I was completely in love. 🙂

Another thing I forgot to take a picture of was the venue decoration. When I saw it, I knew it was perfect. I especially loved the main table display. Maybe I should have told the decorators to leave me the centerpieces. Hahaha. We had paper cranes, and wind chimes hanging.

The gang (plus minus a couple of peeps)

It has finally sunk in that it’s finally over. No more preparations, random cutting & sewing of fabric, hot glue-ing pieces together. The year long preparation for that one day has come and gone, and I sorta do feel sad about it now. 🙁 It’s now the start of a new adventure but at least there’s someone to go on this journey with. 🙂