Blue and yellow, hello!

Been busy.

Holiday’s over.

Tons of illustrations to finish up.

Going mad.

Made a dress for my class project. It’s blue and yellow satin with fuchsia lining! Talk about striking.

Need to learn how to knit for the 2nd half of my textile class. My knitting book doesn’t really help. 🙁

Am getting commission for work. 🙂 It’s good and bad, I guess. Good – spreading by word of mouth. Bad – No time, since I AM currently attempting to juggle my studies and earning some money.

Will FINALLY be getting what I’ve always wanted. *Super happy* Early birthday gift from the S.O. <3

Close to being another year older and maybe another year wiser? Close to graduating. WANT to study abroad to widen my horizon. Hope to get some sorta scholarship.

Will now leave you with a picture of said dress. One lecturer said it wasn’t very nice because of the fabric used. I think it looks nice. Hmph. He thinks using satin makes everything look cheap. But I say it depends.


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