I love getting stuff in the mail #3

A couple of weeks back, I was reading Cheesie’s Blog and saw that she was wearing FreshLook Illuminate Daily contacts. The best part was the fact that you could have 3 day free trial when you register to sign up on their website www.freshlookilluminate.com (for a limited time only). Mind you, I’m not being paid to write this. I just thought it was cool that they’re giving out free trials. And so, I registered myself and got mine in the mail today. 😀

I used to wear colored contacts, until I got lazy and my contacts solution ran out. =.=” I still have a pair of colored contacts which are unopened, but those are monthly ones. I haven’t got a chance to try these lenses out yet. Maybe I would try em on tomoro if I do decide to go out. Am insanely busy (when will this madness end?!) and I’m wrecking my brain trying to find ways to earn cash (the legal way) to be able to afford my doll sometime next month. Crazy, I know.

Reason why I wanna get him next month is cos of their Summer event head. 😀 FREEBIES! So, hopefully I can get that sorted out. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I will put up pictures when I’m free. XD