It’s 11am…somewhere in the world

Classes starts tomoro. 🙁

Not really looking forward to all the work. As much as I like making things and watching it take shape, I sometimes can’t bear to sew. Okay, maybe the sewing is fine, but I do not like cutting fabric. *pouts*

I was at college today to pick up my schedule for the new term as well as greet the new intake as a member of the student body. No matter how much people think I’m a people person, I think otherwise. I usually get pretty shy to make the first move. Beh.

Anyway, the slideshow went well. Hoping to get a good turnup rate for the trip that SBO will be organizing. Oh! I think I looked good today too. Haha… I couldn’t find my pair of black shorts (probably in the wash) and had to squeeze my ass into a ashy green one which I love, but feel that it may not have been the best cut. I hate it when I can’t find a pair of pants that fits. 🙁

Talking about pants that fit, I can never find a pair of jeans that fits me and I want a pair of black skinny jeans! Maybe it’s cos I’m short. Boo! Thought of making a pair, but it’s too much trouble – then again, maybe not?

Also today, I visited a lecturer who’s in the hospital. I hope she gets well soon.

I reaaallly should take pictures to document my life. =.=” Where have all my desire to camwhore gone?