Me wants Berry

Watched “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” today. It was so-so. Wasn’t really what I expected, and the lines weren’t all funny.

Anyway, my desire to own a Blackberry has resurfaced! Actually, I don’t think it ever went away. But I’m feeling the way a spoilt kid does when she doesn’t get what she wants. =.=”


This is one of those times where I kinda regret quitting my job, cos it means I don’t have my own spending money, which in turn means I cannot purchase anything I want. 🙁


I was hoping to get one before I go to China. (with the S.O winning it for me.) But it now seems unlikely. *sigh* I think I should really start writing a Blackberry mantra. Was thinking of getting it in China (if the price is right) but the S.O says buying electronics from China is a big no-no. But almost everything is made in China. o.O

NuUuUUuuUuu… I want I Want I WANT! *stomps tiny feet*

Plus I won’t be purchasing winter clothes. 🙁 We’re gonna borrow from S.O’s aunt. Makes me a little sad that I won’t be able to own a piece of winter wear in extremely bright colors. I’m torn between being practically dressed or fashionably dressed for the whole trip, granted that you can’t really see much under all that winter gear (unless you’re indoors where it’s warm and toasty). Maybe I’ll bring a pair of heels to wear to dinner. 😛

*sigh* Blackberry~