Ugh. I feel like crap right now.

Didn’t feel well this morning, so I skipped class. My head was throbbing and my lips dry. Tried to sleep in but I couldn’t cos I needed to pee. -.-” And once I woke up, I was up.

Think maybe I’m dehydrated. 🙁 Been drinking shitloads of “teh o ais” (iced tea with sugar) these past few days especially during breakfast and lunch at college. =.=” So now I’m drinking 100 plus to rehydrate myself. I think I probably had half the bottle already, and I’ve gone to pee at least a dozen times today. >.<

But yet, I feel so incredibly bloated. Ugh… I feel like puking too. I feel like crawling into bed and hide in the layers of blanket right now but I can’t. It’s dinner time.