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Na na na…

Well, hey… an update. XD Got tons to post about, but no time to do it. Classes have already started and I still haven’t thought about what I wanna do. The home is also undergoing some construction work and thingsā€¦

He’s coming home!

Checked my email this morning and discovered that my boy’s shipped! Yay! He’ll probably arrive when I’m already gone, but it’s okay. Just as long as he arrives without a hitch. šŸ™‚ Still packing my bags. Gotta bring an umbrellaā€¦


I am so happy! Besides the fact that I’m already on break, I might also be going to China again! So the S.O’s parents are planning a trip to Yunan and asked if we’d like to go as well. Schedule’sā€¦

Winter tips

I realized that a lot of people are looking at my winter wear post. Well, while I was in China, I barely used some of the stuff I bought. =.=” And instead got more stuff while I was there. Iā€¦

Of sickness and health

You know what? I truly do believe that I’ve jinx myself. It all started when I said I haven’t fallen sick while I was in China. Ta-da! The very next day I started to have the sniffles. A very niceā€¦

Gone for the week

I’m leaving for the airport in 4 hours. Hope I don’t forget anything important. Feeling a little bit nervous (and hungry!) Am probably gonna be internet-less for a whole week, and even if I did have internet, I might justā€¦

Winter wear – check!

Did some shopping for the rest of my winter gears today. Why are things so expensive? Our total bill came up to almost RM 500… and it was for only 13 items. o.O Shit! We got 2 pairs of thermalā€¦

Can I just fast foward?

Okay, I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag. I’M GOING TO CHINA! I’m not being deported, okay. =.=” Since the ticket’s been booked, nothing would go wrong, right? *prays* Honestly, China never really appealed to me much. Iā€¦