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Random facts and cereal

Face it, I’m probably one of the most random person you’ll ever meet on the face of the planet. I tend to spew some incredibly random stuff during conversations, that some times others don’t even know what I’m talking bout. -.-” Am trying to fix that habit. 😛

Anyway, here are 5 random facts about me, just to entertain you all.


I talk in my sleep. I can sometimes have an entire conversation whilst asleep, only to not know what the hell I was talking about until some one tells me about it.


I still watch cartoons and kiddy/tween movies like High School Musical. -.-”


My second toe on my right feet is longer than my big toe! 0.0


I used to write cheesy fan-fiction stories.


I hate lizards and cockroaches with a passion. >.<!

I’ve had a very horrifying experience with a lizard when I was younger. I mean, who hasn’t? From accidentally squishing a lizard with your foot to having a lizard fall on top of your head. Although the latter did actually happen to me once. But that isn’t the event that made me shiver whenever I spy a lizard.

Anyway, let’s go back several years. I loved cereal and would usually have it while watching my Saturday morning cartoons. I never liked drinking milk and was mildly lactose intolerant so I would usually whip up my bowl of cereal with condensed milk. I happily poured a good amount of cereal (Koko Crunch!) into the bowl and watch the little crescent shaped cereal melt into the milk. Ahhh… heaven.

I remember having to do something for a bit and left it on the table. It didn’t even take 5 minutes. When I got back to my bowl, I chomped away blissfully unaware what peril lies within my bowl of goodness. I stirred the milk, looking to fish up the soggy bits of cereal, when I spotted at a glance, something unfamiliar – it resembled a nut. It took me a second to process that Koko Crunch didn’t have nuts in them.

I slowly scooped it out, and there staring back at me was something I will remember for the rest of my life! It was the eyes of a lizard. I froze, dropping the spoon back into the bowl. I could feel every inch of hair on my body stand.


I don’t know how long I sat there for, staring at the bowl, until my brother walked past and it broke the trance. I asked him to help me get rid of the contents. He looked at me; puzzled.

“Do it yourself,” he said. But I begged him.

I think the lizard probably drowned in the hot milk. *shiver*

It was so gross! Even writing this still makes me get goosebumps. >.< Now I can’t look at Koko Crunch the same way again.

By ariel

I'm Ariel and am known to be pretty random at times. Loves makeup, cute stuff and hanging out with the people I love dearly.