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Well, not literally.

I was one of the featured few in Tongue in Chic’s Where and Wear. Woohoo! So excited (and kinda jakun) since I haven’t be featured in anything before. 😛 Thank goodness my toes didn’t look hideous. XD Love the turquoise colored toenails. They seem better fitting on my toes than on my fingers. :S In case you’re wondering, they’re from Elianto. (the nail polish, not my toes. -.-“)

Can’t wait for the next event. Wanna shop shop SHOP! Seriously, I feel a tinge of regret because I couldn’t get some of the stuff I wanted. Also, Jean and I were talking about setting up a stall, if it were possible, selling our pre-loved or DIY stuff. Perhaps some of our own designs too. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of what I wore to the event. The photographer missed out my ring and sunnies though. Would’ve love to show off my gorgeous Sphinx. I still like it better than the “Tree” because it’s doesn’t get caught in things as much. But I rotate them. Funny how I never wore accessories before, but am starting to do so now. 🙂 Maybe I am evolving.

pictures by Tongue in Chic
picture by Tongue in Chic

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