Na na na…

Well, hey… an update. XD

Got tons to post about, but no time to do it. Classes have already started and I still haven’t thought about what I wanna do. The home is also undergoing some construction work and things are all over the place. =.=” My little boy is turning out to be a vain little thing. Lol.

Yunnan was great. Everything is so different compared to going to Shanghai and Beijing, plus there’s some interesting sights, if you like nature. 🙂 But I think maybe I left a part of me in Lijang. I kinda miss it there. If you MUST go to Yunnan, just visit Lijang.

I didn’t take that many pictures just cos it was raining and I was lazy to whip out the camera. :S Maybe I was overwhelmed by all the sights that I just don’t know what to take pictures of. 😛

Anyway, gotta do some work before I get backlogged. :S *feels so lazy* All the drilling isn’t helping much either. :S I shall leave you with a picture of Yuu. 😀