On Saturday night, I had my pre-birthday celebration dinner. Location, Souled Out @ Hartamas. Little did I know it would probably be one of the biggest mistakes ever. Apparently they had an event which took up the whole ground floor and on top of that, there was a footie game on (Man U vs. Chelsea). *dies* As you can see, I’m not a football/soccer fan.

Don’t get me wrong. The food there is pretty good. The company, even better. But I would’ve liked to have an audible conversation with the people at my table. 🙁 *Note to self: Next time, check if there’s any major event that usually requires loud speakers and projector screens.

So anyway, we had nachos and those were yummy! I wish I had ordered a whole plate to myself. 😛 My carbonara was alright, but I prefer the ones served at Marco’s Pizza. Love their lava cake! Sinfully amazing! >.<” Just talking about it makes me crave for it. 🙁

They all sang me a Happy Birthday song with me wearing a hat with candles on em. o.O Kinda threw me off, and it made me forget the fact that it wasn’t actually my birthday yet. Haha. But I’m very happy to be able to spend the day with people I hardly see (well, most of them anyway. :P)

Today though, was spent sleeping in till 9:30am ( I woke up earlier than my alarm!) and going to SS2 for lunch. Then off to Tropicana City Mall for a movie. Saw Clash of the Titans, which I thought was meh. *scrunches nose* The trailer looked more promising than the actual movie.

Alright, my eyes are closing on me now. I have to go to class tomoro and get some work done. :S Am happy because a ton of people messaged me on FB wishing me. 🙂