Kyou’s faceup v.1

The following post is about my doll. I tend to refer to him as a living thing, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, you’re more than welcome to leave. 🙂

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I suddenly had the urge to do Kyou’s (formerly known as Haku) faceup.

It all started when I brought him out of his box. Man, he looked pissed. >_< He got back at me after rolling off and hitting me on my hand with his big hard head. T_T Then I got hungry and went on a nom hunt and left him sitting on top of my pillow. When I got back, his head was turned to the side (facing the window) looking incredibly sad. O.O I could’ve sworn I had in facing straight ahead! So yea, because of his sad face, I decided I should give him his first proper faceup.

I don’t exactly have a proper background story for Kyou, other than the fact that he’s loosely based on this manga character named Kyou, and he’s a tengu. Although in the manga, he has someone he loves, I decided that’s where the similarity stops. Meh, not really much on a background story, but hey, I’m working on it. XD


Erk… his eyebrows came out a little too fuzzeh. And I had to redo his bottom lashes countless times. T_T In the end I decided to just settle with this. But I do want to redo it all (maybe not the lips, I kinda like it the way it is… for now) I still don’t have eyes which suits him yet. Thinking maybe turquoise or golden brown. 😀 Or maybe reddish brown. *shrug*

Kyou with hair

He looks different here. o.O But his eyebrows are still a little odd though. Even with his face made up, he still looks a tad sad. 🙁 I hope he doesn’t think that I’ll abandon him after getting the new boy. ( I technically still haven’t told him. :O) So yeah, I need to fix his wonky lower lashes and I also need to find an open space where I can do some spraying but it’s a little hard to do it at home since I live right next to the highway and there’s dust everywhere. :S

Anyway… it’s day 17 of my dolly wait! (cos it’s now 12.15am, 23rd of June). I really, REALLY hope he’ll come BEFORE I go on my trip. Countdown to China – meh, about 3 weeks left. Homework left – estimated 50+ pages. o.O I got sidetracked in wanting to make a hoodie for the new boy (though I’m just winging it)