New kids & other stuff

My doll family grew quite a bit over the past year and I neglected to update, just cos I was busy. *gomen*

I’ve decided to put up Mori (my soom grit/Impl hybrid) for sale, and it was a bit of a tough decision since I do like her face… But I don’t think she’s fitting into the crew that I have now. I’ve also reshelled her as a Bluefairy shiny fairy May, though it is a bit weird having two Moris.



Also, joining the crew is Mika, my Bluefairy Sarang. I’m currently having so much fun sewing for the girls that I’ve sorta neglected the boys. XD I did however updated Yuu’s faceup, so he looks a little bit older now. My boy will be 3 years old this coming July!

Kyou is already 2! XD my, how time flies. I’m hoping to add a SD girl to my crew soon too. So here’s to 2013. 🙂