I found a dress for Friday’s fashion show. 😀 Not really what I wanted, but it’ll have to do since it’s on such short notice and I can’t seem to find the motivation to actually sew a dress for myself. :S

Plus, it actually costs a little less to buy rather than make you own. It’s the cost of material that’s the killer.

I’m gonna be candy-colored!!

blue dress

My dress is blue and my belt and stockings are YELLOW! I even painted my nails turqoise and my shoes are grey, though I might wear my insanely high black strappy heels. I don’t know how I’ll fare in that. We shall see.

Need to mend my dress a little. I managed to get a little more off the actual price of the dress because I noticed the seams were off. 🙁 So instead of a 20% discount, I got a 29% discount and a RM 40 dress. XD Not the best bargainer, but it’s a start. 😛

yellow belt

The belt’s pretty cheap – in regards of price and material. It’s made out of cheap pvc with a soft plastic-y bow and it’s a hook on rather than the usual belt buckle. Didn’t really bother to look around for another belt cos it suited the dress and cos I was out of time. I had actually browsed through several stores but found nothing I liked or within my budget.

Mmm… still deciding on the shoes though. I’m gonna be on my feet for at least 4 hours, so I’m leaning towards the pair that the significant other affectionally calls “The Clay shoes”. But we’ll see. 🙂 I’m gonna have to put it all together to see how it looks.

Next off is accessories. :O Gonna buy some stuff to make some stuff… haha. 🙂