Was at Stylo’s Opening Gala last night. As usual, a last minute invitation from our lecturer and I was feeling ready to get all dolled up. But at the last minute, I kinda felt like I didn’t wanna go. (aiya, blame old age) But I went anyway.

It was definitely a different feeling as the last time I was at a Stylo event, it was to “volunteer” to become kuli (slave?). Everyone was glamorous, saw some datuk-datuks and datins-datins. Location wise, I felt it was a little obscure. Easy to get to, sure (via Googlemap) but it isn’t a place I would really go to.

On a good note, Stylo’s planning to open up an academy some time this year. Yay!

The night had Datuk Nancy Yeoh giving her speech and fashion shows by Khoon Hooi, Jendela KL and Bill Keith. It was also Kavita Sidhu’s debut as a fashion designer. I liked the colors presented in her garments, but I kinda thought the designs were, ordinary. Sure, they were very ready to wear, but it didn’t really catch my attention. I guess I like things that makes you wonder how it was made.

I found Khoon Hooi’s design very pretty and I liked the prints on Jendela KL’s designs. Bill Keith’s designs were based on the peranakan culture but what was interesting was the masks that lit up (via LED). He also had a performer sing throughout his show, and all I can say was it was horrible. She was attempting to sing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and I think it went horribly wrong. She messed up the lyrics and was lip-syncing/out of breath most times too. :S

And this morning it was the competition for the young designers. I was there with the rest of the fashion students to support our senior who was one of the finalist. 7 finalists (2 from Raffles, Lim Kok Wing, SML, MIA, TAR and PJCAD) were picked out of god knows how many entries they had, and I liked some of the other students’ work. Some were good, some were just… :S

Results will only be revealed on the last day of Stylo and all the young designers will be able to parade their designs in front of a  bigger audience. My battery ran out of memory when I was busy taking videos of some of the garments. :S So sad.