Tongue in Chic


Went to Zouk, KL today to redeem my YOUREKA! goodies. This time they were giving away 2 passes to watch 2012. I was hoping to get the purple tag, but instead I got the blue tags. 🙁 Boo! The next one would be the green tags. 🙂 Gonna try out for that too.

Anyway, the actual highlight was Tongue in Chic, which was also at Zouk. Honestly, I’ve never been to any of these fashion bazaars so I didn’t quite know what to expect. *shame* I know, I’m a fashion student and yet I don’t go to these events. =.=” I promise I will make an effort to attend more because they’re so fun!

Managed to snag myself a ring and a jacket. Would’ve gone nuts if I had the cash, but the S.O was giving me the evil eye. =.=” I also saw this really nice looking soft PU jacket in brown, but I couldn’t zip myself in it. 🙁


I love the ring. My little fox/dog/Egyptian Sphinx has a new friend. At first glance, I thought it was coral. But it’s a tree. They had other designs as well, but they all sorta faced sideways rather than front, so I didn’t get them.


Love the design of the jacket. It’s double breasted with fleece, so it’ll probably keep me warm in the cold fashion room. Will probably take it with me to China to wear over a turtleneck. 🙂 But I would still have to keep myself warm with an additional winter jacket.

The event was great though I wished that they would’ve picked a better place to have it. It was dark and stuffy, which in turn made it hard to shop for clothes cos cannot see ma. Most stalls were packed together so it was a little hard to maneuver around without bumping into another person. It was smokey too, and the S.O’s newly bought shirt stinks of cigarettes.

Saw tons of cute and colorful bags. But bought none. 🙁 Also, fell in love with some tops and leggings, but again, I couldn’t make them mine. *cries* It took me a lot of effort to not go back to my shopaholic ways.

Oh! I bumped into a couple of old friends, Elaine (the S.O’s college mate) and also a friend from high school, Tanya, who is apparently a merchandiser for BACI. 🙂 Love the stuff at BACI, but they were a little too expensive for me. Also saw Rin (the blogger formerly known as Ringo & Ring. :P)

SueJean and I were also stopped by the fashion police. Kidding. We were approached by a photographer from Tongue in Chic to pose for a photograph. I couldn’t remember where I got half my stuff from. Hahaha! Wouldn’t she be surprised if I told her I got my tights from the pasar malam? Jean got hers from Guardian. XD See, fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be about the branded or expensive. It’s really all up to you and what you’re comfortable in.

On the way home, we got stopped by the police and the S.O got slapped with a fine for driving 90 in an 80 zone. 🙁 He wasn’t too happy about that.