An early Goodbye

I remember that year 2007 was a pretty emotional year for me. It was the year where I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just dive straight into the deep end of this thing called Life.

I did a lot of things too. I had a dream, but sadly that dream did not materialize. It was just wishful thinking.

I discovered some terrible news, and it made me afraid.

I loved, I laughed, I cried.

Yes, I would say that 2007 wasn’t very kind to me. It’s like the saying where you only remember the bad and rarely the good.

But lately, I feel like my life has definitely turned for the better. I feel much happier than I did then. I’m more easy going (at least I would like to think I am) and more optimistic. I don’t worry as much as I used to. Life has definitely been better.

A new year is approaching and it’s time to leave the past. In the year 2009, I was incredibly busy (still am!) and that’s a good thing I suppose. I’ve learn to appreciate certain things more and not let anything get me down. Sure, there were a few tears in the process as well as angry words, but nothing was meant and all is forgotten. I’ve also learned that I should strive to make this work, no matter how hard it is. My gamble is slowly paying off, though I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a time where I felt like giving up.

I just felt that it was the right time to write this post to commemorate the ending of 2009. 🙂 Plus, I’m leaving for China in…*counts* 6 days!