An Unfortunate Event

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Anna who was eager to please.

Whatever people asked of her, she couldn’t say no. But the one thing she hates most is irresponsible people.

And of course, one day she encounters one by the name of Shorty. Shorty was the kinda guy who was all smiles and gung-ho about the idea of work, though not actually doing it. Whenever Anna needed information or help, Shorty had an excuse ready at hand.

” Oh! I’m sorry. I’ve already made plans.”

” I’m sick.”

” I’m in the jungle and don’t have internet service.”

” I’m busy with other stuff.”

Time and time again, without fail, something would pop up.

” I’ll send it to you via email tonight.”

And makes her wait two weeks for it.

” I didn’t get the email.”

” I do it today.”

Excuses. Shorty was even missing during an important assignment and Anna had to take over. It wasn’t even her job!

So a pissed off Anna decided that Shorty is not someone worth wasting her time on and decided to go her own separate way. She gave him many chances to step up his game but he always chose to prove that she was right all along. That Shorty was an ASS.

From now on, Anna was only gonna save her own ass and not give a thought about Shorty. If he needed help, he could find his own. She’s washed her hands clean of him. She wasn’t even gonna bother including him into any of the agendas.

Life was so much now that Shorty’s out of the way.