Another year…

So another year has gone by. Plans were derailed a little, but soon got back on track.

Had my birthday dinner at Munakata Japanese restaurant which is located at jalan sultan Ismail ( where kl live center is) and I must say, the food is pretty good. Their menu is both ala carte as well as buffet so we had our fill. Only rant is that they forgot to put my ice cream cake in their freezer, so it melted. 🙁

Surrounded myself with my usual gang of friends ( plus brother & mom) and had a laugh cos everyone in attendance was required to wear the kitteh hat & gloves which I brought along.


Me thinks the kitty paws has magical powahs! The Bf seemed to enjoy donning them had was doing random cat poses in them. XD Another person enchanted by them paws was tootie. XD

So another year older and I still don’t know what i wanna do with my life. Currently everything is just feeling so mundane. Maybe after I graduate, I wanna just take a break before going to work. I’m feeling a little afraid of what the future holds. Funny, right?

Ive got so much in my head right now and I dont know what to write down. Don’t know why I’ve been feeling sad most times now even when I have absolutely no reason to be. :s I don’t know why am I experiencing this emotional rollercoaster again. :/