Bra Bra Brack Sheep…

Randomness, but…

I bought a two new bras today!

And it’s the awesome-est bra ever!

I didn’t think it would fit that great. :3

I think I’m gonna go back next week to get another 5-10 more. XD Just cause it’s awesome. 😀

Nothing much to update besides me being busy (with what, I have no clue) and I just cleared out almost 10 bags of fabric into two medium IKEA boxes. And they’re both full!!! (need to remind self to take picture) I still have 3 bags of fabric without a home (read:box) so Imma buy another one this weekend if I can.

I also have to see the dentist soon. I keep feeling an extra (wisdom?) tooth growing but it wasn’t until today I realized that it’s actually growing out sideways, and dah lah my top row’s out of space. :S So out it must go. 🙁 *is scared*

Another 2 (?) weeks before I leave the comforts of college and into the workforce (as an intern). Wonder what challenges awaits me. I still don’t know where I’m gonna be posted. Will know soon enough. 🙂

Also, Yuu hasn’t had any play time as of late. Last time he saw the sun was about 3-4 days ago? XD I made him his yukata and that was it. Still can’t decide if he doesn’t like me sewing clothes for him (cos he’s always into some sorta mischief whenever I try to put clothes on him) or if he just prefers being nude. T_T

Looking forward to November cos of AFA! Not to mention Singapore~ weeeeee… 😀 I wanna visit Universal studios as well as check out the new casino, but the S.O is reluctant due to time & money constraints. Bah. But everything is still in the works. Mmm… I love me some holiday. 😀

Can’t wait for the whole home makeover to be done. My stuff is still all over the place. No use trying to rearrange them now cos the walls still need a new coat of paint. Blue FTW! 😀