Can I just fast foward?

Okay, I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag.


I’m not being deported, okay. =.=” Since the ticket’s been booked, nothing would go wrong, right? *prays*

Honestly, China never really appealed to me much. I was more interested in visiting Hong Kong or Japan.  Maybe my lack of interest is also due to the fact that I’m a banana ( white on the inside, yellow on the outside). -.-”

A banana is a term for those who can’t speak the Chinese language, even if they’re of Chinese descendant. I grew up speaking the Hakka dialect and then learnt to speak English because I had a childhood friend who spoke English. Even in high school, I spoke a lot of Malay and English, rarely Chinese. Imagine, I picked up Cantonese from watching all those afternoon soaps on Wah Lai Toi with my mom. Besides, none of my parents spoke Mandarin.

Anyway, since the S.O’s parents are making a trip to China (Shanghai & Beijing) and asked if we’d like to come along, we thought, “Why not?” It’s a holiday after all. 🙂 We’ll be travelling in mid December, and I think it would probably be one of the coldest time to visit. I don’t fare well in the cold. o.O I’d probably need layers upon layers of clothings, just to keep me warm.

Which reminds me, I’d need to get thermal underwear for the trip. *shocked* I will also be needing a good pair of gloves. One that can keep my hands snug and warm. I realized that I’m a little bit too sensitive to the cold. My hands and feet would turn an incredible shade of red and it will start itching like hell!

Another thing that’s crucial to my survival in the cold would probably be a thick winter jacket, and a beanie. Oh! and a good pair of shoes for all the walking we would be doing. Does anyone know if it will snow during this time of month? I would love to see snow! 😀 We’ll be visiting the Great Wall of China~! And Tiananmen Square! And the Olympic stadium (Bird Nest!) We’re also gonna travel by train from Shanghai to Beijing. It might not be such an exciting ride though. >.<!

I’ve been telling everyone about the trip. I’m so excited. It’s the only other country I’ve visited apart from Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Now, to break the news to my lecturer about me departing a little earlier than planned. Initially I was suppose to stay in college for an extra 2 weeks after term ends to work on my project.

*jumps up and down ala Cruise*

Can’t wait!