Holiday Schmoliday

I feel so much more relieved that I’m finally done with my fabrication. *happy sigh*

But I have a lot of work left to do. o.O I have ANOTHER 120 pieces of drawing homework to do, a moodboard to prepare, plus I still have to hunt for 2nd hand clothes which I can tear apart and put back together. 😯

I’ve also been feeling incredible lethargic lately. It’s like my body’s here, but my mind isn’t. I tend to space out a lot now too. Sometimes I wish I had a whole week just to myself, to do nothing at all. I’m actually wishing for more hours in a day now so I can complete whatever tasks I have.

My holiday plans are still undecided cos everything cost so much during the holiday seasons. 🙁 Flying to Bangkok costs around RM 600 via AirAsia. I guess Singapore is a little bit cheaper, but with the current exchange rate, I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference.

My brain juice is running out. I need to go somewhere; a place with lots of creativity; a place that’s not here. Won’t someone sponsor my holiday? *wet shining eyes*