My bags aren’t pack but I’m ready to go

I’m leaving for China in less than 3 days and I still don’t know what or HOW to pack.

I want to bring the least amount of stuff so I can buy more! But, it’s winter, and keeping warm is essential. =.=” Some of my friends have mentioned that I don’t need to bring that many clothes and that all I need to do is just wear em again and again.

*disgusted face* Okay, maybe it isn’t so bad since it’s cold and you’d hardly sweat anyway (unless cold sweat counts?). So I MIGHT take up that option. Haha. I’m still contemplating if I should see the doctor before I leave cos my cough is so persistent. I’ve also got a blocked nose, and this morning I had BOTH my eyes sealed shut from eye gunk. >.<!

It also hurts to cough because I lack exercise. =.=” Ever since coming back from Skytrex on Friday, my body’s been aching, especially my tummy. I miss high school, at least I was fitter then.

Back to my holiday packing dilemma. I am BAD at packing. In fact, I hate the whole packing/unpacking deal. I tend to over pack (with the excuse of “I might need it later”) and end up with no space for my other buys. T_T