Paranormal activities

I’ve always had a fascination with the unknown ever since my experience when I was younger. I believe they do exist, but I’m not crazy as to do some hunting of my own.

When I was 6, I remember seeing a little figure with red eyes. It was fuzzy too. Some would probably say it’s a gremlin, some would say it’s just a figment of my imagination. Then when I was 12, I followed my mom back to her hometown in Thailand. We stayed in her village, and while my family members were sleeping in the room, I slept outside in the hall with my friend, Nam Phon.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night needing to go pee. In the village then, we didn’t have indoor plumbing and the toilet was outside. I really needed to go, but something caught my eye. I noticed a shadowy figure outside. It had this long boney finger and it was trying to open the window. I freaked out. I fell back to sleep but woke up a little later when I heard my mom stirring, then I followed her out to the toilet. =.=”

I kinda remembered about the thing I saw and told my mom about it, but she just said I was seeing things and said it was probably a shadow from a tree. But the nearest tree was a couple of houses down. :S

Lately I’ve been seeing shadowy figures from the corner of my eye. There was once where I thought I saw a guy in a blue shirt and a baseball cap, but when I turned to glance, there was nothing there. Also, a while back,  I mentioned to the S.O that I thought I saw someone standing near the short steps at home. He said it could have been his paternal grandmother cos she fell at the stairs there. =.=”

I’m alright as long as they don’t decide to wake me from my sleep and go “BOO!”

I like reading about youkai (japanese ghosts) and stuff, but I will not watch a horror movie. Weird, I know. 😛