Random Update # 38974

I hope no one’s been missing me since I haven’t really had the chance to update recently. 😛

News is, I’m sick. Probably caught the bug from Hawk, which developed into a full blown fever with achy body and a sore throat, just the day after I got home from Penang. Maybe the weather (it’s was HOT!) and food was to blame. And lack of fluids. =.=”

But a friend named Dr. Ben (whom I forgot was a doctor) told me it was probably a viral infection when I met up with him and his wife for dinner earlier. My throat was feeling much better earlier today, but I think after a spoon full of chili crab sauce sent it back on a rampage. T_T

I’ll be a good girl and stick to my porridge now.

Also, been rushing my final assignments before the term ends. Shit! I have two more things to complete. Gonna beg for an extension until Monday or this coming Friday, at least. X( Also, Friday is Skytrex day with some of the students from college. Don’t know if I want to go tree climbing in this condition. I would probably forfeit my spot to another who is interested, but still go anyway cos I need to show them the directions. :S

Plus, the Big Mac would be gone for the weekend. He’s (can’t remember if I called it a he or she) finally gonna get the much needed checkup from the Mac doctor. 😀 This just means I can no longer surf the internet in the comforts of my own bedroom. Time to dust off the desktop. It wouldn’t really be a problem for me since I won’t really need Big Mac for any of my school work cos I should be done by then. *crosses fingers*

Gonna go to bed now. The S.O is heading back up to Penang again tomoro morning and I’ll have the whole bed to myself for a night. Mwahahaahahah! But then again, the bed’s too big for one. 🙁