Socks for Japan

Everyone knows about the current crisis in Japan; earthquakes, tsunamis and risk of a nuclear disaster. I was shocked when I heard about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Sendai. I knew it was huge, but I didn’t know how huge it was until I saw videos on the news. It scared me. Then came the tsunami. It just seemed so surreal.

I have families living in Japan (though nowhere near the epicenter of the quake) and I was worried about them. I didn’t have their phone number, but I did keep in touch with my auntie through facebook and email. So I emailed her just to make sure everyone was okay. Thank goodness I got a reply that everyone was safe.

Japan is top on my list of places to go and it’s a little bit sad to know that it will not be the same again after this tragedy. But I do have to give them two thumbs up for being so calm and orderly in the whole chaos.

I wanted to help out and Socks for Japan enabled me to do so by providing socks for those in need, especially since it’s still pretty cold. I just hope the ones I got will keep them warm though. 🙁 i think they may still be accepting donations of socks, but those may be sent later. Gotta thank my friend who’s doing this for those who’d like to help in any way they can. I’m just praying that all will be alright soon.

Some good news is that I found out my cousin has graduated middle school and has been accepted into the high school he’s applied to. 🙂 I’m so proud of him.