Sorry for being M.I.A

Haven’t really been updating much due to internship. Yes, I’ve finally started and work’s been hectic, especially when there’s new stock to be taken. Otherwise, it’s been good. The downside, however, is the long work hours (10am-8pm) and the 6 day workday. 🙁 I come home by 8.30pm most days and have dinner, then shower and by the time I actually get to do anything else, it’s already 12am. o.O!

And FINALLY, a holiday to Singapore again! Weeee~ my brother’s coming with too. Don’t know how well we’d get along, but we’ll see. 😛 And it seems that I’ve only been traveling with the guys. XD Mmm.. the organizers of AFA aren’t very smart this time around. :S They forgot to tell people where to buy their tickets. >:( They should have pre-sales/online sales for international visitors too, but so far we haven’t heard anything…*mumbles to self*

Anyway, off to go catch up on my rest day. 😀