The Legion and cheating

Whoops! Been meaning to blog but I guess work got the better of me. :S

Just got back from watching “The Legion” with the S.O. Didn’t really know much about it except for the whole ‘It’s the end of the world’ storyline. So I went not knowing anything. Overall, I think the story was alright, though some parts of the storyline might need some explanation. CG was pretty good.

I liked how they portrayed the angels, plus black wings (or was it silver?) is sexy. 😀 Paul Bettany is sexy. 😀 But I had my eyes closed for most of the gory parts. Won’t go into detail (cos it might just spoil the story for you) but yea… creepy. Reminded me a little of “Drag me to hell”. *shivers* I don’t do horror films. =.=”

On a different note, I had one of the random-est conversation with the S.O the other day. He apparently scratched the surface of his Oakley sunnies and is pretty ticked off about it. Replacement lens cost RM 250 and he had to replace the pair (only one side got scratched) since they were polarized.

” I’ll pay for the lens with my CNY money,” I told him, but he would have none of that. Instead, he said…

” You buy me a pair when you become famous la,”

” When I become famous I’ll buy you 5 pairs la~”

” Why 5? One for each day is it?”

” No la, it’s a random number. Okay la, I’ll buy you seven then.”

” Cheh! So action.”

” But I’ll put a T&C stating that I’ll only get you one to replace the previous one. And, it’s only up to 7 pairs. ” *laughs evilly*

” Like that also can, so cheat one? I’m gonna write on Twitter that my gf is cheating on me,”

” =.=”. I’m not cheating ON you, just cheating you.” 😛

LoL. So yea, we’re pretty random sometimes.