What happened to me?

I was wondering in the shower, whatever happened to the old me?

The one who used to chat with everyone. The one who couldn’t sit still for a moment, constantly itching to get out of the house to meet up with friends. The one who could spend hours on the phone talking about nothing.

I find as I grow older, I’m slowly turning socially inept. I don’t really know how to start conversations anymore. I rarely ever meet up with my high school friends nor do I actually go out without the S.O. I tell myself, it’s good to hang out sometimes, but sometimes I just get so lazy and I just stay home.

Maybe it’s the whole money issue amongst other things. I really miss making my own money. 🙁 That’s the downside of being unemployed. I don’t exactly have the time for a part-time job at the moment and I’m amazed at those who hold one while studying full time. It’s no easy feat.

Just having one of those “what ifs” and reminiscing about the past moments. *sigh*