I am so happy! Besides the fact that I’m already on break, I might also be going to China again!

So the S.O’s parents are planning a trip to Yunan and asked if we’d like to go as well. Schedule’s a little off, but I figured it wouldn’t really hurt since I know I will be able to catch up with classes and I won’t be having another decent break for a looooooong time. December’s internship, yo~

So yea, China in July. ^_^ I know I’m suppose to blog about my previous China trip, but editing pictures are a pain (not to mention they’re all in the S.O’s computer) so yea, nothing really much to be said about that trip apart from the fact that it was crazzzyyyyyy hectic. o.O We’re planning to take the same tour company again (Reliance) but from what I’ve heard, it’s only to Yunan and Shangri-la County. Hmmm… but yea, it’s supposedly the height of summer, so it’s gonna be hot Hot HOT! (maybe not so since we’re travelling to the mountains)

Ugh… another thing I need to do is renew my passport. I’ve got less than 3 months left on it before it expires, and I can’t go anywhere cos you need at least 6 months on your passport anyway. >_< Maybe I should get started on my homework now so I don’t regret it later. XD

Anddd… tomoro I will be attending my first ever dollmeet, and Jin may not go. *cries* I won’t have a friend. 🙁 And it’ll be a little weird for me to go since I don’t have my boy yet. Kinda defeats the purpose, ne? I dunno. =.=”

Mmm.. I wanna go sew some small scaled skirts. Just for the heck of it.