Zee Avi Live

The S.O and I had a great time at the Zee Avi concert last night despite the long wait. My only irk was the fact that we had to pay RM 15 for parking as well as RM 6 for a 1.5 liter bottle of 100 plus. Talk about being ripped off. >:( Anyway, I’m pretty happy that I got to catch her live. She’s pretty tiny too. :O I liked the fact that she sounded the same live as she would have in her CDs. Not many artiste can pull that off.

Funny, how I discovered Zee Avi. My friend Dara (who lives in Alaska) told me to check out this singer on YouTube, and so I did. I was surprised that she (Zee Avi) was actually Malaysian and it took my American friend to tell me about her. =.=” But yea, I found her interesting, scanned YouTube for more of her songs and the rest my friends, is history.

All in all, Zee Avi gave a great performance together with her drummer, Reed and cellist, Frank. No pictures though, cos it was mentioned that no cameras were allowed into the hall, so I left mine in the car. And as usual, there are people who still brought them in and was happily taking pictures.  🙁