Campfire stories

Had fashion illustration class today with the “new” lecturer. It was alright. We drew lots of faces, eyes and lips.

S.O says my drawings have been improving after showing him what I’ve done in class. *feels proud*

On another note, do YOU believe in ghosts/spirits? We had the most interesting albeit random conversation in class and it was about ghosts. Some say there were some “sightings” in college. Obviously some of us were freaked out by that notion but I do actually believe that spirits do exist. I’ve got friends who have the ability to sense & see, and sometimes the stories they tell me leaves me with goosebumps. :O

Apparently my previous office is haunted. I’m not surprised seeing how the rest of the lots around have been vacant for a very long time. Anyway, there’s a residential female ghost who occupies the loo. Worst bit, it occupies the FEMALE toilet. -.-” So yea, sucks if you need to go especially after dark.

My previous job required me and the rest of the team to actually stay back to rush our work, so I’ve had my fair share of staying back late and desperately needing to use the loo. I mean, going into the pantry after 6pm is already as creepy as it is, let alone going in around midnight. I remember staying till 3am, with another 2 colleagues.

But a couple of days later, my colleague mentioned to me that she sorta noticed something was hanging around from the corner of her eye. I instantly got goosebumps cos we were in the office when she mentioned that. =.=” So yea, I’ve heard tons of stories, even about the one in college. But I guess as long as you don’t disturb it, it probably wouldn’t disturb you either.

Have you ever had an encounter? If so, do share. 😀 I’m up for a good story as long as it doesn’t involve being in a dark room and a single candle. 😛